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    York is a walled-city covering an area of 105 square miles. The city is located in the North-Eastern Part of England. The ancient Romans founded it, and the city is now famous for its exciting variety of cultural, historic and tourist attractions. The wall has a path on both sides of the River Ouse. York has much to offer tourists who want to discover an array of adventures. Also, come explore the fun and outdoor adventures that await you in the city.


    Things To Do In York


    Yorkshire Museum


    Yorkshire Museum is the top tourist attraction in York. The museum has many interesting things to do and places to explore. If you want to be surprised by the natural wonders, a visit to the museum is necessary. 


    The museum houses an array of both historical and local artefacts, which originated from the Viking and Roman time. It contains four insightful collections, which includes archaeology, geology, astronomy, and biology. It is situated in the stunning location of the York Museum Garden.


    York Minster


    It is referred as one of the greatest Metro-political Church and Cathedral in the world. The York Minister has a magnificent history and architecture that dates back up to 2,000 years. The place consists of workshops, working and learning areas. It has a masterpiece of a stone offering, stained glass. The York Minster also hosts a variety of programmes including concerts and events. It the perfect place for everyone to enjoy.


    Clifford’s Tower


    The Clifford’s Tower is an ancient top York attraction. It was constructed over 9 centuries ago. The tower was part of the York Castle, which was torched and ruined. It consists of law courts, castles, prisons and a variety of astonishing buildings. Some of the things to do in the tower include having a bird’s eye view of the old city from the top. Other activities are photography so be sure to carry your camera. It is also a spectacular place to visit for visitors hoping to brush up their history. It is the closest place to heaven in York city.


    Jorvik Viking Centre


    The centre is a necessary visit attraction in the city. It is a popular destination in Europe. It hosts many visitors in a year. The Jorvik Viking Centre offers you an opportunity to explore the remains of houses that are over 1000 years old. Are you seeking adventure? Viking-age timber offers you the experience and adventure of a lifetime.


    York Museum Gardens


    York Museum Gardens has a variety of buildings in the centre of the city. The gardens are found near River Ouse. There are interesting and fun things to do in the garden. It houses five galleries that display different archaeological treasures. It also displays rare fossils, animals, and birds. The Museum also features fabulous greenery making it the best place for you to enjoy a soothing scenic walk.


    It is time to take a break and enjoy the beautiful York Attractions.

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