• Why Learning Quran Is Important?

    Holly Quran is the last book which Allah has blessed people with. It was sent down to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and now it is a set of guidelines for the Muslims all over the world. The Quran is a spiritual guide for individuals as well as for communities and for all the people present at any part of the world in any era of time. Every person regardless of whatever status he owes would have a lot to learn from the book of Allah. The knowledge of the Holy book is guidelines and lessons for humankind for tranquility and peace both in this world and the other one. There is the lot of verses and hadiths, which shows the importance of learning of Holy Quran for the Muslims. The Islamic scholars have always craved something more from it. You never get bored by reading it and neither you start losing the taste by reading this blessed bookrepeatedly. It is full of magnificent wonders, which always astonish humankind.


    The miracle of the Holy Quran


    Holy Quran is full of principles and guidelines for humankind. It includes the code of conduct of life and the principles of deeds, creeds, and ethics, which make a man able to spend a blessed life. This is a miracle of it that it changes the way a person lives his life. In fact, other prophets too have miracles but their miracles have ended as the time passed but the miracle of these words of Allah is something, which would stay until its doomsday. There are many verses of the Holy Quran, which prove that it is a miracle.


    "Say: "If the whole of humankind and Jinn were to gather to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support...."(al-Isra, 17/88).


    Well the fact there is nobody since the start of time till now has never been able to produce a similar verse same as those which are in Holy Quran not in terms of eloquence and not even in style Holy Quran is a miracle of meanings and words. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) could not write and read. He had not learned from anybody but he had this book in his heart.  However, the scientists now are able to discover and know about those facts andsituations which the book of Allah has revealed 1400 years from now. This proves that the Holy Quran is a miracle and it is the word of Allah. No matter for the development which the science may make in its grounds, it could not contradict the Holy Quran and what the science and researches of several years tell us is the same which the book of God Almighty has told us 1400 years ago.


    These are the reasons for which we need to learn the Holy Quran. If you cannot find time from your busy schedule to do so, you can be a part of online Quran courses. For this propose you can join online Quran with any good institute that offers multilingual teachers. You or your kids can do these online Quran with Tajweed at your desired time and days of the week. Choose a good time to learn and then get your classes scheduled at that time. Quran courses are offered with us are of very importance to learn from the basics. Our teachers deliver lecture on how to pronounce each Arabic letters from the point of the articles and the help you produced it. Our Quran courses are very good for kids and adults, men and women

    Proper practice of daily lessons and listening to the Quran recordings will also help you enhance your recitation to a very good level of reading with Tajweed.


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