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    Valparaiso is a city known for vulnerability to the earthquakes. It is also the home of the Pablo Neruda, a world-renowned poet. Due to its profound contribution in the area of culture, history, design, and architecture, this place has been declared as a World Heritage Site. In case you adore the bohemian life, street art, and history, then the places to visit in Valparaiso definitely belongs to the must-see destinations.  


    What to Do in Valparaiso


    Here are some of the best things to do in Valparaiso that even the discerning tourist will surely appreciate.


    Caleta Portales


    When you are travelling to the different city in Chile that is situated near the sea, one of the things to do in Valparaiso that you shouldn’t miss would be to see the traditional fishing area known as caleta. Valparaiso has its own caleta which is called Caleta Portales. The Caleta Portales gives you the opportunity to have a taste of the local seafood dishes that are offered in the restaurants in this area. If you want to prepare your own fresh meal, be sure to wake up early in the morning where you can purchase the seafood directly from the fishing boats.


    Bar Cinzano


    When you are looking for a traditional bar, one of the ideal places to visit in Valparaiso would be Cinzano. This place has been receiving guests and loyal customer form more than 100 years. If you just want to have a taste of the traditional Creole dishes while listening to the sound of the Latin music, you should not miss the Bar Cinzano.


    Cerro Alegre

    The mythical mountain of Valparaiso has become a cultural icon of the city. This place has been surrounded by restaurant, bars, colourful streets and the local culture. You may reach this location by riding the elevator that is positioned on the side of Plaza Sotomayor. Perhaps one of the great things to do in Valparaiso is to witness the entertainers performing at the Cerro Alegre. There are different Chileans here performing their arts such as dancing, poetry, juggling and other forms of arts. Everything that you can found in this location is just enthralling.


    La Sebastiana


    Pablo Neruda considered Valparaiso as an important part of his life. This can be seen on the design of his home in Valapraiso which is known as La Sebastiana. In case you want to know the story behind this, one of the things to do in Valparaiso is to visit this museum. There are spaces that are meant for exhibitions. Be sure to plan in advance before you visit the museum. Only the first people to arrive will be given an access to the museum and trekking uphill can be quite challenging.


    These are just some of the things to do in Valparaiso. This vast city offers a spectrum of tourist attractions that will mesmerise your senses. Travelling on this city will surely welcome you to an adventure of a lifetime that you will remember for a very long time.

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