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    Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region located on the Po Riverbank. People know the city for its galleries, churches, theatres, beautiful palaces, museums, and libraries. Interesting to note, Turin is the home of chocolate. Other reasons to fall in love with Turin are for its Gromice cream, Nuttel, and the Salone Del Gusto food fair.


    In Italy, Turin remains unrecognised despite its rich history.  However, since the 2006 Winter Olympic, the town has regained its splendour. The magnificent city offers many things to do and places to visit because of its elegant cafes, arcaded streets, and other incredible sites.


    Top Places to Visit in Turin


    The Egyptian Museum


    Visit an Egyptian museum outside Egypt. It is the second most extensive Egyptian museum after the one in Cairo. The collection is attributed to a French Consul General in Egypt who collected a large number of Egyptian relics during the Napoleonic war. You can explore the magnificent display of reconstructed temples, Sculptures, and daily objects.


    A fascinating part of the museum is the tomb of KhaI, which goes back to the 14th century B.C. The collection is complete with ornaments and food tools.


    Capital Chocolate


    Your list of things to do in Turin will not be complete without including a visit to the Capital of Chocolate.


    Set out to find the famous gianduja, which is a chocolate and hazelnut paste, at Nutella’s origin. Another chocolate highlight of the city is the becerin. The drink is popular and most loved amongst the European and Italian aristocracy. Making the drink involves mixing chocolate, espresso coffee, and whipped cream. During the year, Turin hosts a ten-day chocolate fair known as CioccolaTo. If you are a chocoholic, join hordes of people from across the world at CioccolaTo. The event starts from the end of November to early December.


    Palazzo Madama e Casaforte Degli Acaja


    There are countless options on what to do in Turin. The architecture also attracts tourists such as the detailed masterpiece Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja. The building was named from things it received from the two queens of the House of Savoy. The top things to do at the Palazzo Madama include learning the history and exploring the museum.


    You can explore its uniqueness and the Museo Civicod’ArteAntica, which includes paintings, statues, decorative items, porcelain, and church ornaments. For the full Turin experience, do not leave this out.


    Shroud of Turin


    Turin houses some essential religious relics, cultural treasures, and other esoteric items. The Shroud of Turin located in the Cathedral of Turin, dedicated to St John the Baptist, is an example of a religious relic.


    It is the most popular item in the museum kept in a bulletproof glass, silver casket, which is inside an iron box and a marble coffer. It is highly secured, and the closest you can come to seeing the Shroud of Turin is by watching a short video.


    During the holidays, take time and go the top places to visit in Turin. Connect with your adventurous, historic, and religious side.

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