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    This is a compelling city located in southern Croatia, and it is facing the Adriatic Sea. It is a nice place that is encircled by great city walls that separate the buildings from the sea waters. It is known to have the best Gothic style buildings ranging from the baroque St. Blaise Church to Renaissance Sponza Palace. Besides the excellent buildings and colourful streets, the place has the best beaches, restaurants and luxurious hotels where people can stay in. It also has the best local markets and modern shopping malls where you can do a lot of shopping. Below are some among the Things to do in Dubrovnik.


    1. The Great City Walls


    Before thinking of the best places to visit in Dubrovnik, take time and stand on top of the city walls to view the nearby surroundings. These are long walls that act as viewpoints where people can stand and watch the fascinating beauty of the places around. These walls were built during the war periods when the city was being breached by enemies. The soldiers used to take defence from these walls therefore the walls signify an important aspect of the city’s peace. You can stand on top of the walls and enjoy the fascinating beauty of the nearby towns.


    1. Fort Lawrence


    This is a British Fort that is located in Isthmus Chignecto and was constructed during the Father Le Loutre’s War. It is among the best places where people can visit to enjoy the fresh air of the open fields. There are also ancient ruins that stand on different spots of its sections. Some surroundings of the Fort are dry while other parts are covered with green grass therefore you can choose whichever place is convenient for you. Many people look for what to do in Dubrovnik without knowing that this Fort is ideal to visit because it offers a nice experience to visitors.


    1. Sokol Tower


    This is a compelling Tower that was built on top of rocks. It is visible from far thereby making it to be among the major landmarks and viewpoints where people can stand and enjoy the fascinating beauty around the region.  It is located near Dunava in Konavlevillage where many activities are happening including trading, fishing and food selling business. There are many things to do in this area one of them being mountain climbing.


    1. Pile Gate


    This is a fascinating gate that contains drawbridge & Renaissance arch. It is a beautiful gate that is located near the shores of the coast of Croatia. Its foundation is made up of the rocks separating the ocean from the land. Besides covering the town’s buildings, this gate acts as a viewpoint where people can relax and have the best view of the nearby blue waters. If you want to enjoy boat rides, swimming and going for fishing experience, come to this town, and you will have all these activities.


    To conclude, there many places to visit in Dubrovnik, therefore, make sure that you plan your journey well and choose the top rated places to visit. Many of the venues are protected and taken care of which is why you will be required to pay before you enter and enjoy the treasures of the places.

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