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    Croatia is Eastern European country, and the capital city is Zagreb. Croatia welcomes a good number of tourists every year who are attracted to the various exciting places to visit in Croatia. Here is what to do in Croatia.


    Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park


    This is the best national park to visit in Croatia and majority of the tourists who visit Croatia every year have made it a top destination in their list of things to do in Croatia. The park was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage centre back in the year 1979, and since then, many visitors have been coming there. The national park is located between the capital city of Croatia and Zadar making it an easily accessed place as tourist head to the coastal town, there are sixteen lakes within the park, and you will love the sceneries especially the water falls that you will see as you walk around the park. Within the 300 square kilometres that the park covers, you will find very many exciting sceneries for you to enjoy. To get to the park, you can easily take a public transport vehicle that is heading to Zadar and ask them to drop you off at the park; alternatively, you can join an organised excursion. The park can be accessed any time between 7 AM to 8 PM.


    Tour Hvar Island


    This is an Island that has attracted many people since of the position that it occupies. It is commonly associated with luxury and elegant lifestyle, and this is why many people like to travel to this town. The Island dated 6000 BC and is one of the oldest islands that were discovered then. Ever since it was discovered, it has continued to attract many people who travel there for posh vacations and rich cultural heritage. The climate and the uniqueness of being illuminated by the sun more hours than other places around the world makes many people rank it as one of the places to visit in Croatia. There are several things to do in Croatia especially when you visit this unique Island. For so many years, it has served as a top attraction in Croatia. Some of the places to visit in Croatia and Hvar specifically are Hvar town, Stari Grad, Vroboska, and Jelsa.


    Visit Zagreb


    Visiting the capital of Croatia is something you need to do when you tour the country. The best places to be in Zagreb include Sample Strukli which is a place where you will enjoy deliciously rolled dough filled with traditional cheese and some sour cream. The local restaurant serves traditional food too, and therefore you will have a good opportunity to enjoy various foods. You can as well tour Morogoj which serves as the final resting place for many people in Croatia who come from various destinations. The nightlife in Zagreb is lively and therefore a good placed to be for tourists interested in clubbing.


    Croatia has several attractions hence if you are looking for what to do in Croatia, you can try the featured attractions.

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