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    Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and a popular tourist’s destination. There are several tourists’ favourite places to visit in Copenhagen. These include the following;


    Tivoli Gardens


    This is a popular amusement park that attracts many tourists when they are in Copenhagen. The garden was founded in 1843 and for many years has served as a national treasure to Denmark since it is a tourist destination. The reason why this what to do in Copenhagen has attracted international attraction is that there is something for everyone when you get to the gardens. The scenery of the place is very beautiful for photo taking and also a place that makes you feel relaxed because of the natural beauty. Every night, you will see thousands of lights that make the place look wonderful. You will enjoy nostalgic rides some of which are very fast taking you upside down at 100 Km/h. The nostalgic rides were awarded the best ride in Europe back in 2014. There are several restaurants where you can dine within the gardens, therefore you can come on an empty stomach and enjoy the variety that is served there.


    Educational Tour at the Zoological Museum


    At this museum, you will get a good opportunity to see the animal life in Denmark and also learn a lot about the creatures you see there. The exhibition has attracted worldwide attention because of the question that has always been researched there on the origin of species on earth. You will see fossils of hundreds of creatures and also get to learn about the lines which connect all living organisms. This museum borrows a lot from the work of Charles Darwin, and therefore if you are interested in zoology, this is the place where you will get a good chance to learn more zoology.


    Visit the Frederiksborg Castle


    This is situated on the Northern side of Copenhagen and is a beautiful renaissance castle that was constructed early the 17th century. This is where you will see the museum of national history which was established back in 1878. The walls of the castle are beautifully decorated and painted. The furniture is well decorated with fine art designs, and therefore you will get a feel of the ancient art people of Denmark. Over the weekend, you will meet many children who come to learn the history of Denmark and therefore this is a good place to visit in Copenhagen over the weekend with your children.


    Sightseeing at the Round Tower


    The round tower was built in the 16th century after a key astronomer in Denmark passed on. The tower was dedicated to astronomy use, and until today, you will meet amateur astronomers there. To get up to the astronomer’s observatory centre, you have to walk up through the spiral walk. This will be around 209 metres to the top. There was a library inside one of the halls, and this was used to house the universities books. Today, there is an exhibition of art and culture inside the round tower.


    Those are some of the things to do in Copenhagen. They are ideal when you are on a family holiday or also when on a private vacation.

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