• What To Do In Brussels


    Did you know that Brussels is the capital of Flanders, Belgium, and Europe? Brussels has a rich, interesting history. It started as a fortress and advanced into a thriving market. Afterward, Brussels political, economic, and social scene grew rapidly. If you are coming to Brussels, prepare to have your schedule busy. You can tour the following Brussels attractions:


    1.      Grand-Place


    The Grand Place is a spectacular attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the tourist season, you will find hordes of tourists who come to behold the beautiful main market square. Originally, the area was a swampy sandbank between two brooks. Therefore, people called it “broek sella” the origin of the name Brussels. After rehabilitation, the sandbanks developed into a lower market or Niedermerckt. French beer, English textiles, German beer, and French wines consisted of the first goods traded at the market. The construction of the town hall in 1402 ushered the political age. The market square started receiving dukes, emperors, and royalty. It was the place where executions occurred.


    Nowadays, the Brussels’ main market square is one of the favourite what to do in brussels. Every two years, Belgian begonia cultivators decorate the square with flowers. Overall, your visit to the square is sure to impress. 


    2.      Belgian Comic Strip Centre


    When you visit Brussels, visit this museum dedicated to the comic strip. There are over 5,000 original drawings, and one separated section dedicated to “Tin Tin,” the country’s beloved cartoon hero.


    3.      Town Hall


    Town Hall or Hôtel de Ville is at the Grand Place. At the attraction, ensure you climb the 96m Gothic tower. You will have a chance to behold the scenic views of the whole city.


    4.      Mini-Europe


    Just next to Heysel Park is Bruparck, a leisure park with various attractions and amusements. You can visit an IMAX screen housed in the Kinepolis complex. Additionally, Mini-Europe has a water park, planetarium, and eateries known as “The Village.”


    5.      Atomium and Heysel Park


    Heysel Park is a place for leisure and recreation. The highlight of the park is the Atomium, which is a 102-metre model of an atom. Inside, you can ride a high-speed lift that takes you to the top. The reason for erecting the Atonium was to depict the start of “atomic age.”


    6.      Royal Museums of Fine Arts


    Napoleon established the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, which are two buildings the Museum of Modern Art, and Museum of Ancient Art. Both are open from Tuesday to Sunday, and you will have over 600 years of fine art to relish.


    7.      Shopping


    Are you wondering what to in Brussels for fun? You can venture to Brussels’ flea market. While shopping, do not forget to buy the chocolates. The antique markers are also places to visit for special pieces. You can find designer fashion when shopping.


    Overall, Brussels is the place to be during the holidays. Other Brussels attractions include Manneken Pis, St Michael's Cathedral, and window-shopping at Galeries Royales St-Hubert. 



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