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    Denmark’s Bornholm Island is a hit with citizens who know it as a place for fun and entertainment. Here, you can visit historical sites, and reserve a seat in the Islands restaurants for tasty meals. If you are looking for places to visit in Bornholm, perfect. Let us continue talking about the user-friendly Bornholm attractions.


    1. Resorts of Allinge-Sandvig


    Sandvig simply means sandy bay. Allinge and Sandvig are twin resorts located on the northern tip of the Island. Both resorts have something different to offer the customer. For instance, Sandvig is home to a local museum. On the other hand, Allinge has a church, fascinating old town, and half-timbered houses. Russian soldiers killed during action in the Second World War, are commemorated through an obelisk, or pillar erected in the cemetery in Allinge. In the Northern Part, you will find old farms, peace, and relaxation.


    1. Nylars Round Church (Rundkirke)


    Nylars Round Church is currently a church established hundreds of years back, in 1165. Before the establishment of the church, the building was for defence purposes. Where is the church? It is in Nylars, which is a tiny Bornholm village. Inside the church, you will see a huge cross from the Renaissance times. The painting on the walls depicts how human beings fell from grace. Visit the see the old structure that still looks strikingly white and round. The attraction is popular and draws many visitors each year.


    1. Fishing Village of Gudhjem


    It is a picture-perfect town situated to the south of Allinge. Its harbour was blasted out of the rock owing to the rock formations in the area. The town has steep streets and winding lanes. In the town, tourists can visit the Municipal Museum, situated in the previous station building. Alternatively, they can check out the open-air Melstedgård Agricultural Museum. In May or June, the Balticum Film & TV Festival takes place in the town. Overall, the village provides many things to do in Bornholm.


    1. Mountain Biking and Zip Lining


    For thrill seekers, Bornholm has more offerings. On the Island, there are many mountain bike trails. You can jog around the Island, and scale its steep hills. Another favourite past time is zip lining near Lake Opalsøen.


    1. Eat Well


    Bornholm speciality is grilled, pickled or smoked Herring. The Island is home to great restaurants with excellent chefs. For instance, Kadeau, which is restaurant, that draws people from the mainland for supper. The hottest tables are in the northern part of the island for example at Hotel Nordlandet, which is a boutique hotel.


    If you need what to do in Bornholm that are out of the norm, try your bargaining skills and challenge your taste buds.  In essence, it is a farmers market that caters to the needs of hungry guests. Here, they can try the local delicacies in an open kitchen. In Bornholm, not eating well is close to impossible. Keep coming back to the Bornholm’s Island, and even make long-term friends. That is how to travel.

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