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    Athens is the capital city of Greece. The city has countless ancient monuments, excellent museums, medieval churches, and on the plus side, high-end boutiques. Guests have many places to visit in Athens, and you will never get bored or run out of things to do.


    The highlights in Athens include the dazzling modernist Acropolis Museum and the stunning ruins of the Parthenon (virgin apartment). Other magnificent attractions in Athens include the National Archaeological Museum, Plaka historic street, and the Temple of Poseidon. Are you wondering what to do in Athens during the holidays? 


    Best Places to Visit in Athens


    Acropolis Museum


    You will find the museum in Makrigianni district, Central Athens. Acropolis Museum is home to an array of Acropolis archaeological findings. The main hall exhibits some curved statues from Erechtheion, Athena Nike relief, and Parthenon artefacts gallery.


    Furthermore, Acropolis has a unique and breath-taking architectural design, which makes it one of the best museums you will ever visit. For instance, it has glass floors that show ruins beneath the building.  To find out more, you have to visit.




    Plaka is a historical and striking neighbourhood with winding streets. It is near the Acropolis, now renowned for its restaurants, which keep the place swarming with tourists. It has shops that chiefly sell gold jewellery and other souvenirs. However, the traditional architecture featuring winding streets does not permit the use of vehicles. Therefore, have a map and comfortable walking shoes ready. Overall, Plaka has a delightful atmosphere with cafes where you can sip a drink once the sun goes down.


    Ancient Agora


    The ancient Agora was an open area used by the Greek people to hold assemblies for commercial, military, or political purposes. It has a historical significance, which makes it the most popular agora of its kind. Socrates used Agoras to lecture, and so did Saint Paul as he sought converts for the infant Christian religion.


    When visiting the site, wear comfortable shoes since gravel covers most pathways. The downside of the Agora is the lack of written descriptions about the ruins. Nonetheless, visiting this tourist attraction location is among the best things to do in Athens.


    National Archaeological Museum


    The National Archaeological Museum houses the revered Greek artefacts, which date back to 6000 B.C. It is the best museum in the world for ancient Greek art. The extensive collection is at the heart of the city.


     It takes more than three hours to explore the dazzling museum. However, exploring is easy since they offer extensive information and well-designed displays. The highlights of the museum include Agamemnon’s gold death mask. 


    Temple of Poseidon


    It is one of the favourite destinations for tourists and locals. It has a stunning sunset viewing spot for people who visit the attraction in Athens.  A natural Greek moment against the ruined monument beside the awesome sea view makes each photo perfect. At the attractions gain insight into the peoples’ religion and history.


    Athens is the city of the gods, thus picture how heavenly it looks. It is a city worth visiting, and you will never lack places to visit in Athens.

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