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    Almeida is a province in Colombia that is known to be part of the Cundinamarca Department. It is a province that is full of recreational amenities including rivers and outstanding public places.  It is surrounded by open fields and wonderful mountains where people can trek and adventure. Besides having local restaurants and upscale pubs, there is also Lake Guatavita which is known for having the best waters for fishing and kayaking. Owing to the plenty availability of amenities, there are many Things to do in Almeida which is why people from across the world are flooding the place to come and enjoy.


    1. Lake Guatavila


    This is an attractive lake that is known to attract numerous of visitors per year. The lake’s origin has not yet been revealed, but people speculate that it was a small lake that was started by people which grew into a big one. There are many things to do in this lake including fishing, kayaking and just walking around the lake as you enjoy the seeing the fascinating beauty of the place. There are plenty of places to visit in Almeida, and this is known to be among the best ones to visit.


    1. PicadeiroDel´Rey 


    This is an enchanting landmark located at the Largo do Picadeiro 6 Street. It is a compelling place owing to the availability of well-refined streets, gothic style buildings and wonderful markets in the area. Being a municipality that contains a lot of business activities, you will enjoy interacting with the locals as you gain experience of Portugal. There are also interesting spots that you can visit in this town including museums.


    1. Fronteira Da Paz -VilarFormoso


    This is a full-packed museum that is known to contain amazing artefacts of the ancient artistes. It is among the best museums where people can go and view historical galleries of the past cultural, economic and religious practices of the people of this region. You need to ensure that you carry your camera because there are many things to see and capture in this museum.


    1. Largo 25 De Abril


    This is a historical landmark that has the best medieval buildings, and it is known to contain lavish hotels and restaurants nearby. You can enjoy viewing the ancient ruins as you take photos of the best scenes that seem pleasant to you. There are buses to take you around the region and ensure that you explore the inner fascinating components of the town. If you are still looking for what to do In Almeida, make sure that you visit this place.


    1. Quartel Das Esquadras


    Being a historical landmark and a major religious centre, it is highly treasured and valued by many people in the region. When you visit the place, you will enjoy the fascinating buildings and ancient structures of the region. There are tourist agencies that can take you around the whole place as you enjoy the fascinating views of the nearby venues.


    To conclude, Almeida in Portugal has the best places to tour. The town is filled with many tourists’ attractions that will make you have the best experience of touring the region.

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