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    Compared to the different destinations in the world, you don’t have to rush everything in Abu Dhabi just to see all the places to visit in Abu Dhabi. As the seat of the government and the capital of the city, it is surprisingly more relaxing and quiet compared to Dubai, but the place certainly has its own charm. It comes with desert drives, water parks, and golden beaches that make it one of the most established destinations during the holiday vacation.


    What to Do in Abu Dhabi


    Here are some of the things to do in Abu Dhabi that any tourists should include in their itinerary. This will also help you choose the best place to stay in order to have a convenient access and best views.


    The Grand Mosque


    Those who are visiting Abu Dhabi for the man-made architectural wonder should never miss the Grand Mosque. This is truly one of the most amazing what to do in Abu Dhabi, and the fact that the entrance is free makes it even more desirable. However, remember that this is a religious structure and anyone regardless of their religious belief should act with respect. Women are expected to dress properly, and they will be given with a gown wear. You may also cover your face with a scarf in case you don’t want to wear the hood.


    Ferrari World


    Those who love cars should definitely add the Ferrari World on their list of places to visit in Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari World is known as the home of the tallest and fastest roller coaster all over the world. You should also check out the Flying Aces which is known as the highest loop of rollercoaster in the world. The riders will experience a ride that will take them to a maximum speed of 120kph.

    Al Maya Island


    Al Maya is an island that is located at approximately 6 miles on the southwest of the city. There are boats that will take you in this island in just 10 minutes. Travelling to Al Maya Island is one of the things to do in Abu Dhabi especially if you want to escape the noise of the city. It is equipped with all the facilities that you will find in a high-class resort such as enormous pool, restaurant, water sports facilities, and hotels.


    Emirates Park Zoo


    To those who want to see the diverse collection of wildlife species in Abu Dhabi, your ideal places to visit in Abu Dhabi would be the Emirates Park Zoo. This was initially established in 2008 and has a huge collection of wildlife creatures. The site also features interactive activities and various attractions that will surely delight every guest. The facility is dedicated in protecting a range of species such as tigers and cheetahs.


    The capital of UAE is bustling with things to do in Abu Dhabi. You can go on a luxury brunch or pamper yourself on the relaxing spa in the city. For those who want to see this city in different perspectives, visit the destinations aforementioned.

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