• What Does Visit Italy Do?

    Who does not know Italy? What is the first word that come up to your mind when it comes to Italy? Pizza? Olive Oil? Roman Empire? Anyway, when you visit Italy, you will realize that it does not only offer such coined words. Italy is packed with abundant attractions and things to do that you will surely enjoy with your party.


    The country has such prestigious history and rich tradition. Many folks admire the authenticity of Italy, proven by millions tourists flock the country in both low and high seasons.


    Italy is packed with wonderful cities with abundant tourist attractions which you can consider visiting with your group of friends or family. The first you want to look is the incredible Roman structures like Pantheon, Colosseum, as well as Sistine Chapel.


     Italy is also popularly known for the wonderful architecture, sculptures, and archaic arts. There is no shortcoming when it comes to the things to do in Italy. That’s why we are going to get you through the best of Italy.


    Italian cities tour


    It is the free thing to do which is worth to consider. Walking around the cities of Italy is one of the best ideas to enjoy every aspects of Italy. For instance, you could find the Rome which is the Eternal City. The city is distinct because of its exquisite Roman art and architecture masterpieces. Often travelers around the world flock the area to look for inspirations and fascinations.

    Besides Rome, you could take the time to Venice. It is the great city wherein the exquisite architecture tempts everyone to spend more time in Italy.

    For fashion awareness, consider visiting Milan. It is the center of economic and cultural aspects in Italy. It has abundant Romanesque structures which can be enjoyed. The soothing Cathedral of Milan is the Gothic architecture that you can find in this town as well. Not to mention that there are many official museums to learn more about Italy and the city.



    Florence is sometimes left out because many people consider that Italy is only about Venice, Rome and Milan. Well, you can actually find many things to do in Florence. It is a travel friendly city which features the fine restaurants, cool cafes, great nightlife, shops, museums, events, and many more. Florence is the culture capital of Italy.

    Here are some perks of the Florence Attraction:


    Enjoy the Summer Heat


    Florence has the outdoor pools which you can access to swim under the blue sky. Summer is the best time to visit this place. Consider visiting Piscina Comunale Costoli which is the best outdoor pool in the town. It is 50 metres long with separate pools for kids and diving. When you arrive after 3pm, the entrance fee is reduced.




    It is one of the most famous art museums in the world. Florence is related to the Renaissance masterpieces so close. You will find unique and exquisite arts collections in the museums, wanting to spend hours to enjoy them. The abundant paintings from famous artists such as Da Vinci, and Michelangelo are there. Definitely Florence Attraction worth to check.




    This is what to see in Florence. Renaissance art emerges as the selling point of Florence. It is undoubtedly the greatest art in the world. You will find yourself lost in heaven of Renaissance. For art lovers, plan early so that you can enjoy your time in Florence longer.

    The Fascinating Skyline

    Florence has perfect spots for sightseeing. In the river in the Oltrarno district you can soak up the whole great things that Florence offer. Also consider to view some structures like Arnolfo Tower of the Palazzo Vecchio. The best time is the night since everything will be lit up. Take photos, share the best moment together with special one.


    Tuscan food or old Italian food?


    Have you ever tried Tuscan food in Florence? If you haven’t, you might have missed something important in Florence. Head to San Lorenzo district and try the conventional marketplace. Some stalls offer delicious Tuscan food.


    Or, you could enjoy the old Italian styled foods. Indeed, most of the cities have never been changed since the people really love their culture and customs. Besides the authentic Tuscan lunch, you could also enjoy some original old Italian recipes like Margarita.





    Turin was actually the first capital of Italy. It was the center of cultural and economic aspects of the country for years. Well, it was until the Roman Empire collapsed in Western Europe. Since then, it was occupied by different nations and empires which discover Turin.


    Starting in 1300s, the city developed their exquisite architecture and cultural structures until 1600s. Now, Turin is one of the most proficient destinations in Italy because of the legacies left by many empires in the past. Not to mention that after WWII Turin was modernized. When you enter the gate of the city, you will be wowed with the perfect incorporation of modern and classic arts in the city.


    Here are the best things to do in Turin



    Mole Antonelliana



    It is arguable the most distinct structure in Turin. However, it is worth to be added into the things to do in Turin list. Mole Antonelliana towers are great for viewing.



    Palazzo Reale


    It literally means Royal Palace. It is a great structure which was built in 16th century. It is located in Piazza Castello. It is the central position in Turin, a proudful symbol of the city. The good thing here is that you won’t be blind about the history aspects of the Royal Palace. The good guide will explain all the things for you.


    Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista


    This place is a great instance of the Renaissance influence in the Italian architecture in the 15th century. It is located in the next of the Royal Palace. The church was built to commemorate the patron saint of Turin, Giovanni Battista. So, its name was made.



    Palazzo Madama


    Palazzo Madama is one of the palaces located in the Piazza Castello. It is the second largest palace in the location. It was older than Royal Palace and built in the first century BC. It was originally used as defensive fortification. Then in 13th, it was transformed into a palace. The palace is open to public. You could access the palace. The rich decorations are jaw=-dropping for all viewers.

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