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    Web Design Virginia Beach - Virginia Beach SEO

    Let’s face it, in our day and age it doesn’t matter how great your business or service is if you can’t effectively present yourself online. Sure fifteen years ago just having a website at all meant you were the real deal, but in our current Internet savvy society, your website is the crucial difference between success and failure. Because everything has become so fast paced nowadays, people don’t have time to sit and look for things or think too hard about where to go. Most of the content being absorbed on the web is easy to find, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing to the eye. When someone stumbles across your website you have only a few seconds to really catch their eye or they are going to click out of your website in a heartbeat without even thinking. Luckily for you there is a very effective solution. Like with most services, the best option is to look for the people that specialize in this sort of field. In this case you should consider a Virginia Beach agency that specializes in web design. Keep reading below and you’ll hear our run-down of the top 5 reasons your website needs improvement.


    1.     You’re not Mobile Friendly

    We know almost everything nowadays is run through the Internet but even more specifically we see the crucial role that cell phones and mobile devices play as well. It’s common sense really. Almost every single person has a cell phone in his or her pocket at any time of the day and most of the time it’s the people on their phones browsing the web instead of the people sitting at the computers. If your website isn’t mobile friendly it’s immediately a hassle to navigate from a phone and Google will even penalize your site and rankings if you’re not mobile friendly.

    Consumer preferences are shifting towards mobile-friendly sites and you want your website to appeal to as many people as possible so it only makes sense. In addition to being able to support mobile browsers your site also needs to be adjusted appropriately to the size screen it’s being viewed on. Even simple inconveniences will deter traffic from your site. If someone on a mobile device is trying to view your webpage and the text is too small or they have to zoom in or re-size their window just to navigate your page then without a doubt it’s about time you thought about updating your website.


     2. Your Site is Outdated

    You don’t have to have the best website on the internet but if you haven’t made even the smallest of updates in a couple years you might want to make some adjustments to keep up with your competitors. Keeping your site updated ensures not just that it’s up to date with certain things but also that it’s visually appealing in general. This is where a web-design agency can really help your website excel. Agencies that specialize in web design know what is visually appealing. You want to keep things simple so they can be easily navigated but not too simple to where it looks boring or mundane. The internet, just like certain trends or preferences, moves very quickly so it’s important to keep up with it and make updates as often as possible. An outdated website will poorly reflect your business. You want to move past theancient days of flashy homepages and moving text and focus more on what the modern person wants to see.


    3.     You’re Not Search Engine Friendly

    Obviously if you can’t be found by search engines then your site is practically invisible to the public eye. When’s the last time you were looking for something online and found it without using Google or another search engine to find it? It’s possible but it’s very rare. Search engines practically run the Internet, they are definitely the easiest and most straightforward way to find the things you are looking for. Even though SEO plays the major role in ranking your site, the actual design and content of your site does play a crucial role. Certain things like keywords and having a wide variety of links to other pages can help improve your rankings.


    4. Your Site Loads Slowly
    Everyone has experienced the frustration of a page that takes too long to load. Believe it or not this is a huge deciding factor for if people decide to visit your page or not. Even the loading difference of a few seconds can prove to be vital. What most people don’t know is that there are quite a few quick and easy changes you can make to your site that can drastically increase its loading time. A lot of the time the culprit is a poor hosting environment but more often then not it comes down to having very large file sizes for things like pictures and videos or how your website is coded.


    5.     Your Site’s Not Optimized For Clients

    Back in the day the expectations of websites were simple. All you had to do was briefly describe your business and provide ways to get in touch. But as the internet world progressed so did the expectations of websites. So yes it’s still important to highlight your business, skills, and things like that but in addition to being informative it’s essential to make your website people-friendly and to revolve around the needs of your clients and customers.


    As you can see, keeping your website updated is critical in today’s society. At first glance it seems quite simple but in reality there are several factors that many people forget to consider when making an effective web page. Even if you do follow these 5 tips it’s highly recommended that you find a web design company that specializes in this field to effectively get the most out of your web site.


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