• Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Valencia From Inside

    Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Valencia From Inside

    This article is for anyone travelling to Valencia and wants to really see the best part of this amazing city. Think of all the things that make you happy, taking a walk in the marble sidewalks to the delectable chocolate. Tourist tube has you covered in getting the best tour destinations, best hotel offers and bookings. 

    Have a good time in the beaches of Valencia

    The reality is that a holiday in this city is incomplete without basking in the beautiful sands of the beach. The good thing is that the city of Valencia is endowed with great natural resources including the many beaches along its coastal line. It is at a perfectlocation furthermore the sea and the beaches are clean, wide and long with soft sand. Take your family or friends out on a Vacation in Valencia and do not forget visiting some of the best places in the coastal line.


    Valencia City is a city of surprises. I can bet that you didn’tknow Valencia had the largest inner city park in the whole of Europe. Tulia Park is one of the best public parks in Valencia. In case you have toured and need a place to cool down and reconstruct the muscles, then Tulia Park is your best fit.

    Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail

    This is the Cathedral that is believed to host the Holy Grail. The actualcup that Jesus drunk from during the last supper. However, the same claims are upheld by several other places around the world and therefore we cannot know who stands out to be correct. The cathedral is worth visiting and see some of the oldest things in history. What many people do not know is that when the Muslims took over Spain, the cathedral was hidden for centuries.

    Walk in the Valencia city of Art and science

    The city of Arts and Science is an entertainment based cultural and architectural complex in Valencia. The best way to spend your weekend in Valencia is following up with what the locals do. Explore the city of Arts and Science and take a stroll through its historic center. Enjoy your time in the city’s beaches. The complex is made up of beautiful decorations, stunning designs and the best of all scientific innovations in terms of construction and development.

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