• Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Things To Do In Menton

    Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Things To Do In Menton

    Visit Val Rahmeh Botanical Garden

    This garden is one of the sites to visit in France. It consists of Asian and African tropical and subtropical plants. Avocados, kiwi and bananas are some of the tropical fruits found here. If you love  flora, then your day will be made by the living organisms’ life around. This botanical garden is under the ownership of French Museum of natural history.  

    Tour Sale des Marriages

    Lovers of art will embrace this place. It was redesigned by artist jean Cocteau. Brightly coloredmurals, the leopard styled rags, burnished candelabra and wooden doors look amazing.You can visit individually, with a group of students or your family.

    Visit Old Chateau Cemetery

    Rugby players always visit this quiet place to pay respect the inventor of sports William WebbEllis. From this cemetery, nearby mountains and the harbor can be observed. This peaceful old cemetery and the calmness make it a spiritual get away from the urban noisy life.

    Sablette Beach tour

    Get out of city life and get to relax in this beautiful beach of Sablette in Menton. It is located between two ports along Bonaparte pier. From this beach you can view Italy Mountains and the homes around the area. Enjoy a sailing trip to view the dive sites.

    Attend Lemon Festival

    Thisis a fascinating event and place to attend. Enjoy this beautiful festival attended by over 230,000 people and uses 145 tones of citrus fruits.  Menton is a main city that produces lemon and they use it to make lemonade. Bioves garden always look beautiful during this festive season. Its sculptured walls are decorated with yellow and orange citrus fruits.

    Tour Palmes Beach

    Tourists always come in this beach mainly from Italy to Monaco to have an access to the dive sites. This beautiful calm beach with clear water is found just few minutes’ walk from downtown. Cafes, bars and ice cream shops are located around. When you visit Menton, include this beach in your list.



    Visit Regional Museum of Prehistory

    This museum is situated opposite old abbey church and at the heart of Menton town.  Neolithic people and pieces from Saintponien are some of the displayed exhibition in this museum. You will view temporary exhibition in entrance hall.

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