• Visit Tourist Tube To Discover The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Warszawa

    Visit Tourist Tube To Discover The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Warszawa

    Warszawa is the capital city of Poland. The city's widely varied architecture reflects the long history. Some of the oldest churches in the whole of Poland are found here, neoclassical palaces and several museums make the city one of the most flocked city in the whole of Poland. The city's old town was destroyed during the WWII but the government of Poland took several measures to restore its beauty.

     Take a walking tour around the city

    Warszawa is a very beautiful city with a vast collection of old churches and palaces. Take a full day tour in Warszawa and get to visit some of the most popular symbols of the city. Visit Staszic Palace and the Church of the Holy Cross and the Statue of Nicholas Copernicus while in the city.

    Museum of the History of Polish Jews

    The museum is located in a strategic site that is important to the Jews. The Museum is located in the Warsaw Ghetto where the Jews were confined during the Holocaust. The museum was opened on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The museum is also anhonour of 1,000 years of the Jews in Poland. It was constructed specifically to teach people of the Jews faith and culture. It features eight galleries that explain some of the critical things concerning the Jews such as how they came to Poland.

    Wianow Palace

    This is one of the most important monuments in Poland. The monument portrays what the city looked like before the 18th century. The monument was also built as a home for King John III Sobieski. After the King died, the Monument was owned by private families that changed the way it looked. The monument survived the impact of WWII almost unscathed. Most of its art and furnishes were reinstalled after the war. The palace was converted into a museum that is now the home for the country's artistic and royal heritage.

    Spare some time for the Royal Castle

    This castle served as the home for the polish rulers for manyyears. The castle is located at the entrance of the old town. You can spare some time and visit the castle that dates back to the 14th century. The castle was conquered many times by the invaders and destroyed but the rulers reinstalled it back each year of attack. The structure is impressive with a tower in the middle. It serves as a museum but also the state meetings can sometimes take place here.

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