• Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Some Of The Best Tourist Attractions In Tokyo

    Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Some Of The Best Tourist Attractions In Tokyo

    Tokyo is the capital of japan. It mixes the ultramodern skyscrapers, traditional historical temples and many museums with a range of classical arts.Taito, being the smallest ward has some of the most striking features and thrilling parks that give the essence of fun and a great place to spend your holiday. To get the most out of this place, book fights, tours and accommodation in some of the best hotels. 

    Ueno Park

    This is the largest public park in the city of Tokyo. It consists of grounds where you will find impressive Buddhist temples located at the middle of Shinobazou pond and Sinto shrines on the shores. This areahas some beautiful sights for viewing the Cherry Blooms in spring. The park is also home to the Ueno zoo that has hundreds of species from both small snakes, elephants,tigers and polar bears

    Tokyo museum

    This is also located in the Ueno Park. It is the oldest government funded museum in japan and one of the biggest art museums in the world. It composes several halls located in the northern part of Ueno Park.


    It is an iconic temple and most popular attraction in the region. It is depicted by large bright red gateand bell off Kminarion-dori. This area is beautiful and boasts of its popular placefor visitors to try out traditional Japanese garb in one of the local rentals around.


    It is an old shopping street in the shitamachi,in the lower parts of the city. The area is characterized by large steps that lead down the street that have featured in many television and films. There is also a cemetery, Yanaka that is famous with friendly stray cats.

    Shitamchi Museum

    While on a visit to this great part of Tokyo,this museum is one of the places you can’t afford to miss. It exhibits old shitamchiculture. It was used to illustrate the lower areas of Tokyo where common folk lived. Preserved evidence and artifacts of the area can be found in small pockets throughout the area.

    Sumida Riverside Park

    This area gives you a serene environment of the river. You can listen to the sounds of the rolling river at this perfect vintage point. There are winding tracks that arepopularly used by joggers during the day. Avisible sight of Tokyo Skytree can be seen in the evening from this point and the views are breathtaking.


    The name means an outdoor shopping Centre in Ueno station. Thismarket consists of more than two hundred vendors who sell everything, including souvenirs,clothing and shoes at a low price.

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