• Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Beijing From Inside

    Visit Tourist Tube To Discover Beijing From Inside

    Beijing is a modern city with an imperial background. Discover and tour Beijing from the magnificent ancientarchaeological sites and the breath-taking natural vistas to the modern architectural designed structures.  

    Start your day by tasting the Chinese breakfast at one of the hotels and then visit the Bell Tower for sightseeing. This tower is located on Di’anmen Outer Street Dongcheng District of Beijing. This tower was built in the ninth year of Zhiyuan(1272AD) as the central court of the Wan Ning Temple in the Yuan Rule. A huge copper bell is hanging at the tip of this tower which is called ‘’the king of the Ancient Bell’’. The bell makes a bright and powerful sound, which can be heard from a very long distance. You are only required to pay 15 Yuan for anybody who is 18+ years of age. You can get a bus through to the tower.

    Most of the tourists also ensure that they visit the Yonghe Lama Temple. This temple is the biggest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in the whole of Beijing. It is located on the northeast central of Beijing. It is a popular worship place for locals in the area. If you planning on visiting this place, there are plenty of things to do here. See the largest sandalwood carved Buddha in the world. You will also visit the palace of Prince Yongzheng and listen to the chanting of the monks as they pray.

    If you have plenty of time, pay a visit to the Forbidden City. It was originally constructed during the early Ming Dynasty. It is one of the best preserved imperial Palace in the world. This city was listed in the 1961 as an important historical monument. Your journey in Beijing is not complete until you visit the Forbidden City. There are lots of other places that you can visit in Beijing. The list is endless but cannot fail to recognize the Marco Polo Bridge, the Qianmen Street, the Xiangshan Park, Sackle Museum of Art and Archaeology and BeijingMilitary Museum among many more places.

    Whether you are visiting Beijing on a vacation or business, you can get the best hotel deals offers and bookings here at Tourist Tube.

    Some of the biggest brand names in Beijing include NOU Hotel Beijing, Hotel Eclat Beijing, Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing among many others.

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