• Versailles Palace And Things To Do There

    The Palace of Versailles is a royal chateau in Versailles France. Internationally, it is acknowledged for the beauty of the gardens, and it is a tourist attraction centre you must travel to see. Here are the things to do in Chateau de Versailles.


    The Palace of Versailles


    For over 30 years now, the palace of Versailles has remained a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the top attractions you need to travel and see. The palace stands as an example of what used to be 18th-century French art. The centre was renovated back in the 16th century under Louis XIV before it became the centre for political power the years of the French revolution. The reason why the palace is a must visit is because of the celebration it receives worldwide. This is because of the extravagant apartments that were built under the French ancient rulers. Further, the palace is adorned with Gold and precious gems which were used as decoration pieces. If you would like to visit the palace of Versailles as a group, you will be needed to make a reservation to be allowed to visit.


    The Gardens of Versailles


    This palace covers 800 hectares of land and has sculptures; there are vivid greenery and rare flowers. In 1979, the Gardens of Versailles gained a UNESCO acknowledgement making it a top tourist attraction. There are well-maintained lawns to show the visitors how well the place was managed. Over summer, you get an opportunity to see water shows at the gardens of Versailles. Therefore, if you would like to see the garden of Versailles and experience a chance to see the historical garden, travel there today. You will have an opportunity to take pictures of the garden, and therefore you will always have memories of the place. Visit as a group should be booked in advance so that you can get to enjoy services of a tour guide. Access to the gardens is allowed every day, and you will get a chance to see the beautiful scenery.


    The Royal Opera of Versailles


    A design by Ange-Jacques Gabriel that is located in the North wing of the Versailles palace. The royal opera is constructed of wood, and the design is what makes the place to attract visitors. There is a capacity to accommodate 1200 spectators to a maximum. Also, the place can accommodate diverse performances which majorly include the orchestral pieces, the classic theatrical Opera and also a ballet performance.


    The Halls of Mirrors


    This is situated in the palace of Versailles and was used as a place to host meetings. Also, it is acknowledged as the passageway that was connecting the king and queens. The breathtaking hall features more than 350 mirrors.


    These places offer excellent water fall chateau de versailles, and therefore a must visit.  



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