• Turin Tourism

    Turin Tourism

    Mole Antonelliana

    This is a building that lies north of Via Po. Use an elevator and reach to the tower. Here at the top, you will have a spectacular view of the whole beautiful city, surrounding hills and Savoy Alps. Have a look at the National Museum of Cinema too that is at the interior of the building. To discover Turin from inside and book your hotel for dinners. 

    Cathedral and holy shroud

    This beautiful and historic cathedral was built between 1492 and 1498. Here you will enjoy finding, Santa Sindone, Holy Shroud kept on fire and bullet proof and the Climate controlled vault. The cathedral was the first Renaissance Architecture in Turin.

    Palazzo Reale

    This is one of the 17th century buildings in Turin. Archaeological findings from pre historic times to Roman era are found here. You will like to find the largest collection of arms and armor dating 15th and 19th century in Europe. One of the best Italy libraries is also found here.


    BorgoMedioevale and Parco Del Valentino

    You need a break from palaces and architecture buildings. Stroll toward a river into Parco Valentino. This is a medieval village with a castle, studios and shops. It was built in 1884 for exhibition purposes. In this place, you will be attracted by a 1729 Botanical Gardens and the Savoy’s fine Renaissance Castello del Valentino.

    Egyptian museum

    Here you will find Egyptian collection which began in 1824, when 5268 artifacts were excavated in Egypt. This museum houses statues of various gods and pharaohs. You will also find papyruses, painted linens, Shawabti figures, Shawabti box and Canopic vessels and the tomb chambers.

    Piazza San Carlo

    This is one of the loveliest buildings in Turin. It is surrounded by arcades. Come and view the statue of Duke Emmanuel Philibert. Historic cafes and shops are also found here. San Lorenzo.

    This is considered to be one of the greatest world’s churches. It has boldly designed dome and lantern. Church’s dome shaped centre is surrounded by 8 curved bays and has a support of intersecting bays

    Turin is a city that contains a lot of tourism which you cannot exhaust in few days. You might be travelling and you may require an accommodation. So many luxurious hotels are found in this area of Turin.

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