• Top Tourist Sites In Ghana

    A mystical and exotic continent, Africa is a place filled with unique culture and immeasurable landscapes. The large continent is diverse, enriched with ambiguity, and teeming with adventures to uncover. Nestled on the west coast of this vast continent is the country of Ghana. Small in size but large in adventure potential, there are many places to visit in Ghana.


    Top of the list of places in Ghana is the capital of Accra. This historically interesting place can be the gateway to other tourist sites in Ghana, both near and far. From the bustling and heat-filled city of Accra to the coastal gems that offer a cooling breeze, there are so many places to visit in Ghana.


    Here we’ll take a further look at what is on offer in different tourist sites in Ghana. You never know what will inspire you for your next venture into the unknown.


    Things to Do in Accra


    The bustling capital can be known for its heat and stuffiness, but there are still plenty of unique sites to behold. From beaches to castles, there is rarely a dull moment in Accra. The Labadi Beach is located closest to the capital, and also one of the busiest places to visit in Ghana. It offers free entry and often has cultural displays of drumming and dancing to enjoy.


    The Ou Castle puts the colonial history of the Dutch and Norwegians on display with the castle dating back to the 1660s. The castle is not open to the public, but it is stunning to observe from the outside. In total contrast to the grandeur of the castle, the Nzulezo village is a great insight into the local culture and is among the most visited tourist sites in Ghana. It is also a world heritage site overlooking a magnificent lake.


    Things to Do in Elmina


    Located on the southern coast of Ghana, Elmina is a picturesque coastal town. The name is derived from the Portuguese word for ‘mine’ but was called Gold Mine during British colonisation, due to the number of gold mines around.


    In this town, there is a lovely castle which is a top tourist spot in Ghana. The castle was built during Portuguese rule in the 1400s. There is also a museum located inside the castle which makes it a valuable visit. From Elmina, there are also many day trips to the west side of Cape Coast.


    Things to Do in Wa East


    In the upper west region of Ghana heading inland is the district of Wa East. Here, there are very distinct landscapes and incredible natural scenery to enjoy. This is one of the places in Ghana which offers a rare insight into traditional local life on an impressive scale.


    For wildlife spotting, it is hard to pass up a visit to Mole National Park. This is the largest wildlife reserve in Ghana and has many unique animal species to observe, such as elephants, buffalo, warthog, and hippos, abound. At the park, there are over 90 mammals and over 300 bird species. However, it is most recommended to do a guided tour so that you truly get the most out of these top tourist sites in Ghana.


    Ghana is an exceptional country with many hidden gems waiting. It is a land brimming with history, culture, and many places to visit in Ghana. With this as your destination, you are bound to have an insightful and exploratory holiday.



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