• Top Things To Do In South Africa


    South Africa is the southernmost part of Africa, and it is bordered by the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean on its sides. With a coastal line of more than 1600 miles, it is packed with beaches, offshore hotels and elegant restaurants where you can enjoy your holiday uninterrupted. The country is also known to have a lot of natural and artificial monuments that were designed in an attractive manner to amuse visitors. With vibrant cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, there are really many things to do in this region.  Arrange your visit well and make a list of the top places you would like to visit because South African tourism is an icon of amusement and enjoyment.


    1.      Spend Your Time Touring Various Places in Johannesburg


    Johannesburg is known to be the second largest city in Africa with over 3 million people town population. The city is acknowledged for being an economic centre of Africa and South Africa because of the intercontinental business activities that are happening in it. You can visit the Gold Reef city, a tower- like town that has a lot of local recreational amenities to enjoy. You can also visit the apartheid museum where old war galleries are kept to honour the fallen heroes. The cradle of humankind is another beautiful spot where you can spend your day. For those who love wildlife animals, the Johannesburg Zoo should be a point of interest.


    2.       The Gorgeous Wine Lands of Cape Town


    The colourful vineyards and well-arranged plantations of wine plants really amuse you. The river valleys are known to direct their waters to this place which is why vineyards are extremely productive. Take a walk around the wine lands and see the different kind of wine plants like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. Owing to the nearness of vines, wines in this region are cheap and you can grab a bottle at the nearby restaurants if you want. If you are still looking for places to visit in Africa, this enchanting wine land should be your priority.


    3.      Addo Elephant Park


    How would you feel to go to a place where all you see are giant elephants that patrol the bushes? Surely it will be an exciting experience seeing the huge elephants moving in front of you while they blow their trunks. It is the largest elephant park located at the Eastern Cape region. You will not only enjoy the elephants moving around, but you will also witness a large variety of birds’ species. Don’t forget your camera because there is a lot to do in this region.



    Other places in africa are Hermanus beach, the Durban beach and garden route. These places are epitomes of happiness because of the distinguished recreational amenities that they contain. South African has white sand beaches, and these beaches are surrounded by luxurious hotels and world-class restaurants where you can stay and eat delicious foods. There are a lot of things to do in Africa, just choose a city so that you explore well because you cannot visit every attractive destination in Africa at a go.  

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