• Top Things To Do In Paris Secrets

    Have you ever been to France before? Whether you have or not, you might want to know the coolest places to visit in France 2018. We will breakdown this into 3 areas: Bordeaux, Paris, and Versailles.


    Bordeaux has the distinct charm compared to other cities in Paris. It is one of the most appealing tourist destinations that you should not miss in Paris. This city is also called as the Port of the Moon thanks to its scenic panorama which is the perfect place for romantic activities and family. Because of the abundant architectural values, UNESCO has cited it in the World Heritage Site in 1998. There are more than three hundreds buildings which are qualified as the heritage. You will have plenty of time to explore them all.

    But here are the things to do in Bordeaux

    Place de la Bourse

    The building is the palace which was finished building in the 18th century. Its elegance is unbeatable. Definitely one of the best Bordeaux attractions. 

    Basilique Saint-Seurin

    You may have heard about this many times. This place was a stop of the Saint James pilgrimage. It is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The structures are influenced well by the Roman. The style of the churches really describe the Romanesque aesthetics. The historical church was established in the 11th century.

    Musée d'Aquitaine

    Visiting The Aquitaine Museum is definitely one of the best things to do in Bordeaux. The museum is one of the ways to get closer to the Bordeaux historical aspects. The museum will welcome you with the illustration of the Bordeaux and region of Aquitaine from the prehistoric era to nowadays.The museum showcases abundant antique items, artifacts, and the 3rd-century statue of Hercules. You could also look at few unique tombs.

    Cathédrale Saint-André

    The Cathedral of Saint Andrew was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was one of the parts of Saint James pilgrimage trails. The pilgrims traveled through Bordeaux back then. The Cathedral of Saint Andrew has such ultimate structure with plenty of beautiful sculptures of the Last Supper, Christ in Majesty, and Ascension. The opposite cathedral stands the Town Hall. The Town Hall is a big palace which brings the Neoclassical influence out. It is an impressive structure that is too great to be missed.

    Le Grand Théâtre

    When you come to Bordeaux, you can’t overlook this place. It is the hub of the culture, customs, and art life. The Grand Theatre is a monumental aspect of the city. Victor Louis is the genius behind this.  You will be amazed at the building the moment you enter the lobby. The grand staircases will also welcome you. Since it is a theatre, of course, you will have the chance to enjoy the great performance by National Orchestra. But sometimes, the National Ballet of Bordeaux also comes to perform.



    You may have known about the Eiffel Tower so we’d just uncheck it from our list. Chances are you don’t know few of the Activities to Do Paris below.

    Musée d’Orsay

    This is the place where the galleries of Paris exist. The place offers the most attractive collection of Impressionist masterpieces. Not to mention that it is considered as the best place to hold the largest collection. You will see the best masterpieces from Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Cezanne, Degas, amongst others. The surrounding is equipped with the restaurant and cafes for your fine tasting experience.e

    Palais-Royal Gardens

    It is a perfect place to escape and enjoy the soothing beauty of the gardens. Palais-Royal will be the place where you can find peace. The shops behind the wall of the palace are also the best pitstop for shoppers and keen eyes. The treated gardens are the home to world class perfumes, as well as the exquisite boutiques.

    Luxembourg Gardens


    The Luxembourg Gardens are all you need to enjoy the holiday and recreation. The lovely garden is crowded by the locals as well as tourists. It is also a perfect place for family with kids since children of all ages can race their sailboats in the basin behind the senat. Not to mention that the children playground will give you and your family the best memory. If you are lucky, you could watch the puppet show. Consider checking the schedule of performance so that you will come at the right time. These gardens are also a favorite spot for locals to do refreshing activities. It is not surprising that many joggers visit the pace. It is also the reason why many Visit Paris.

    Musée Picasso


    It is the name of the museum that is worth to visit while you are in Paris. As the name suggests, it is the place to the largest showcase collection of the most popular artist, Pablo Picasso. The place is dedicated to hosting most of the collections from the genius.

    The Louvre


    Louvre is considered as the world’s greatest art museum. Existing over 675,000 square feet of the works from the pieces around the world. The great museum noy only holds the France arts, but also different pieces from other countries as well. In Louvre, there are three most popular pieces including Venus de Milo, Winged Victory, and one and the only Mona Lisa. Definitely one of the Top Things To Do In Paris.


    Chateau of Versailles or simply versailles palace is marvelous chateau located in the Ile-de-france region of France. The place is now open to the public and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Ile-de-france region. If you are wondering about the things to do in Chateau de Versailles, there are many.

    One of the most recommended attractions that you should check is waterfall chateau de Versailles. It becomes trending in the social media with the tag as impossible waterfall from the sky. You could take a selfie and capture special moments there with your family or friends. The other attractions that you could consider are The Chateau Apartments, Hall of Mirrors,  Academy of Equestrian Arts, Musée des Carrosses, Royal Chapel, Grand Canal, and Royal Opera.

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