• Top Things To Do In Czech Republic

    Located in central Europe, Czech Republic is a wonderful country that contains a lot of attractions. It is known for its ornate castles, native beers, delicious native foods and long history of cultural, political and economic progression. Its capital city, Prague, is a home for the 9th-century castle called the Prague castle that is a major landmark of the place. Most of its towns are unique because of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural designs that are predominant in every region that you enter in Prague. There are plenty of things to do in Czech Republic; all you need to do is to plan your trip well so that you get the best experience.


    1.      Visit the Magnificent Charles Bridge


    Originally known as stone bridge, this attractive structure was constructed in 1357 during the reign of King Charles IV. It crosses the Vltava River in Prague and it is known to be among the strongest bridges in Prague. It is 621 meters long and 10 meters wide making it to be long and specious enough for pedestrians and vehicles to use it at the same. When you stand on top of it, you will be able to see the enchanting beauty of the nearby town. Get your camera to enjoy the Arial view of the whole municipality.


    2.      The Prague Castle


    This is a 9th century castle that is comprised of different kinds of castles combined together forming some kind of a municipality. The castle survived two wars, one in 1631 when the Saxon army damaged it and the second damage was incurred during the Sweden army invasion in 1648. Despite all these two misfortunes, the place is still strong and attractive because it underwent major reconstructions and repairs. If you love walking around ancient buildings, cool environment and friendly neighbour hoods, this should be among the best places to visit in Czech Republic in your list.


    3.      Visit the St. Vitus Cathedral

    This is where the seat of the Archbishop of Prague is located.  It is a Roman Catholic cathedral that forms the hallmark of Christianity. The place is adored by many people because of the Sunday masses conducted by experienced religious leaders who shower every one with the word of the bible. Walk around the epic streets, take pictures of the old looking buildings and interact with the local people, you will really enjoy your vacation to the maximum.


    4.      Bohemian Switzerland


    This is a major National park that is famous for being predominated by sandstone rock formation, wild valleys, and violent waterfalls. It is the place where the Elbe River is located where people can go for kayaking, fishing and boat rides.  There are also plenty of animal species in this park therefore if you are interested in wild animals, this is the best place to be because you will meet more species than you can imagine.



    Czech Republic tourism cannot disappoint tourists because it has a lot of attractive spots and different kind of activities to do. Plan your trip well, choose the best places to visit, and you will never forget. 

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