• Top Oman Attractions

    Oman is a beautiful desert country that is located in the Arabian Peninsula. It is comprised of Riverbeds, oasis, and long coastal lines of the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Wahia sands is a common place in Oman that contains dunes and desert valleys, and it is inhabited by Bedouins. Its capital city, Muscat, is a hub of recreational amenities and it is also a home for the exemplary designed Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Muttrah quarter, a large waterfront is located in the city as well as major fish markets. There are so many Oman Attractions that you can visit, all you need to do is to ensure you have the best list of places to tour when in Oman.


    1.      Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque


    This is a major landmark and a religious centre that is located in the capital city of Oman. Being an Islamic religious centre, only Muslims can be allowed to enter the mosque and enjoy the teachings and prayers being conducted in this mosque. It is a mosque that defines the appearance of the city because even from miles away, you can see it protruding above the other city buildings. For an excellent experience tour the place, take pictures so that you make your visit a remarkable one.


    2.      Wahiba Sands


    This is a famous spot in Oman that is comprised of sand dunes and sand valleys. The place is breath-taking because of its openness and fresh air. There are no modern recreational spots to enjoy in this area but taking a walk on the soft sand is an outstanding experience. If you wish to tour a lot of parts in the area, make sure that you hire a Quadra bike that will take you to the interior. There are plenty of things to do in Oman including camping in the desert.


    3.      Jebel Shams


    This is the longest or highest mountain in Oman. It is good for mountain climbing cavities and trekking because it has well established trekking parts at the sides. It is a rocky mountain and for those who manage to climb the 3000 meter length, they will enjoy the fascinating beauty of the whole of Oman. If you want experience on mountain climbing and trekking, this is the best place to visit.


    4.      Royal Opera House Muscat


    This is a very important aspect of Muscat tourism because it attracts talents from various parts of the world to come and perform in the opera house. If you love seeing live music performances, dramas, poems and other artiste activities, this is the best place to come in. There are always performances in this house, therefore, you will never lack fun when you tour this house.


    To conclude, Oman is a beautiful desert Nation that houses a lot of amenities. You will never lack a new activity to do in this nation even if you are a regular tourist. Places like Nizwa fort are always attractive no matter how many times you visit the place.



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