• Top Bridges To Visit In Paris

    Top Bridges To Visit In Paris

    Paris is a place of surprises, the top best Bridges are found here. This is the place where the most sophisticated architectural work was portrayed from the time in memorial. Visit Tourist Tube to discover the best and the most beautiful Bridges of Paris. 

    The Pont Neuf, and the tip of ile de la cite’

    This bridge was in its original form the oldest bridge in Paris. You can access the bridge via metro line 7 on metro station pontNeuf. The bridge was originally made of wood and stones. It has succumbed to very many wraths of nature but the authorities have always responded to rebuild it and keep it operational. The bridge was restored at the beginning of the seventieth century. If you are in Paris for an adventure and to sightsee some of the most beautiful places here, then try your best and spare a good time to visit Pont NeufBridge.

    Alexander III Bridge

    This bridge is much younger but it was beautifully constructed. The work of construction was completed late seventieth century and the inauguration took place in 1900. The bridge has art Nouveau lamp. It was laid down in honor of the Alliance between Russia and France. The bridge features a golden statues and columns which makes it the most beautiful bridge in the whole of Seine. The bridge creates a link between the invaders on the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais.

    The Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvior

    This is one of the best bridge in Paris. It was inaugurated in 2006 and became a good place to come and see the work of the best engineers and architects of Paris. The bridge was built as a dedication to pedestrians and cyclists. Spare some time in Paris and hire a bike for a comprehensive city tour. The bridge is not so busy and therefore it is a good place to cycle if you are fit enough.

    The Pont Mirabeau and Its Statues

    This is another bridge that you cannot miss. The bridge was made famous by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire. The poet used the water going under the bridge as a metaphor in his work. The bridge features some of the most beautiful statues of Paris. It also acts as one of the oldest monuments in the city attracting a large number of tourists in the city per year.

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