• Top 4 Things To Do In London

    London is among the top modern, vibrant cities of the world and a capital city of England. Hosting a population of over 8 million, it is among the most densely populated cities in the world which means a lot of activities are happening in this city. Its city status started in 21st century, and since then, it has been used for administrative powers of the whole of United Kingdom. Most industries, top universities and great hospitals are located in London. The houses of Parliament, Big Ben clock towers and Westminster Abbey are among the great treasures that you will find in this region. There are a lot of Things to do in London and below are some of them.


    1.      The Magnificent London Eye


    This is a 120m diameter ring that rotates on a 135m tall structure. It was opened in the year 2000 and it was the tallest Ferris wheel by then before star of Nanchang took its place in 2006. It is still a wonderful spot where people visit and have fun. It is an ideal place for public viewing which is why it is attracting millions of tourists from across the world every year. Besides the marvellous nature of the London Eye itself, its surrounding is charming because of the well-kept grounds that people can pose for photos.


    2.      Big Ben Tower


    Elizabeth tower is a 16 Storey gothic clock tower located in the centre of London.  Big Ben is a nickname meant to signify the Great Bell of the clock at Westminster building. It is a UNESCO world heritage site which means it was examined and found to have amazing qualities that can attract tourists from across the world. Walk around, enjoy seeing the gothic architectural structure, take photos of the beautiful surrounding and if possible, book entrance so that you get into the top of the building and watch the city from above. It is a charming place that can make you enjoy your vacation in style.


    3.      Buckingham Palace


    This is an administrative centre and residence for the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.  It is normally the venue for most of the state occasions therefore it plays a significant role in the governing of the country and it is known to offer royal hospitality whenever necessary. Visiting the place will be among the Top things to do in London. There are beautiful gardens, well planted flowers and open areas where you can stand and enjoy the beautiful appearances of the place.


    4.      The Tower Bridge of London


    This is a view point where people can stand and enjoy the panoramic Arial view of the nearby city places. It is known to be a major spot where most movies are acted, and if you visit on a good day, you might get live behind the scenes. The structure itself is an outstanding monument that is attractive from far. It is therefore classified as among the best London Attractions.


    To conclude, London is a city that is filled with luxurious amenities and tourist attraction centres. When you visit London from other foreign countries, it is important to book hotels online so that by the time you arrive, everything will be set for you.




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