• Top 4 Things To Do In Florence


    Florence is the capital city of Italy, and it is filled with Renaissance art and architecture. The Dumo Cathedral is located in this city, and there are other tremendous luxurious amenities that you can enjoy when in this place. The Uffizi gallery exhibits Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and you can have fun by visiting the place and enjoying the fascinating displays. For those who love partying at night and having the best meals in luxurious restaurants, Florence is a home to upscale pubs, night clubs, and outstanding restaurants. There are many things to do in Florence, therefore you must prepare yourself to have extreme fun if you visit the place. 


    1.      Visit Florence Cathedral


    This is an outstanding Giotto tower that is red-tiled from bottom to the top. The marble finishing of most of its parts makes it appear unique and outstanding. Being a religious centre, people who want theological concepts can visit the place and have a lot of teachings. The cathedral is an ancient building, yet it is still the most attractive cathedral in the whole of Italy. You can walk around the beautiful cool surrounding of the place and take excellent pictures.


    2.      Uffizi Gallery


    This is a 16th-century gallery that is known to contain a tremendous amount of historical collections. It has the best galleries on man development of apes to Homo sapiens sapiens. It also has the galleries of talented artistes like blacksmiths, music writers and other galleries of legendary famous people who did great work during the ancient days. You can visit the place and learn the interesting historical galleries that are confined in the Uffizi archives.


    3.      A Visit to Stibbert Museum


    This is a Florence attraction that has the best armoury collection of the most successful armies and elite military forces.  The artworks, military costumes, and other infantry collections are collected in this museum to make you know the military matters in detail. If you would like to know how the military forces used to wear or what they used in the wars, this is the best museum to visit.


    4.      Boboli Gardens


    These are ancient plants and flower collections that have been in existence since the 15th century. There are different gardens in the region which means you will enjoy the fascinating beauty of different kind of plant collections. It is wonderful to see how the garden plants were creatively planted and to add on to that mesmerising appearance; there are some sort of waterfalls that were included in the gardens. Don’t forget your camera because that beauty that is oozing in this place should be captured by the artificial lens for remembrance.


    For those who have been asking what to see in Florence, there are a lot of treasures that will enhance your Florence visiting experience. From natural monuments, artificial monuments to elegant public places and well-equipped museums, you cannot miss a thing to do in this region. Make sure that you arrange your tour perfectly because some places charge while other places are free to tour.



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