• Top 4 Things to Do in Baden - Baden

    Baden-Baden is a spa municipality that is located in south-western Germany’s Black Forest adjacent to the boarder of France. It is known for its healthy thermal baths that have been treating people for over a decade now. Besides the thermal baths, the place also has world-class casinos, restaurants, and modern hotels. There are many things to do in Baden-Baden, you just need to go through all the places of interest and make a list of the top places to visit.


    1.      Museum FriederBurda


    This is an upscale modern Museum that was designed by Richard Meier. It contains galleries of the top notch 20th century artistes who were extraordinary during those days. You can book for a visit in the museum and enjoy watching the most outstanding galleries of the old cultural, economic and political practices. Besides the galleries that are contained in the region, you will also enjoy seeing the fascinating designs and decorations of the interiors of the museum.


    2.      Merkur Mountain


    This is a 668m mountain that is located in Baden-Baden. It is covered by thick tropical rain forests that are a home for many wildlife species. If you are looking for a place to go for camping, trekking or mountain climbing and adventure, this forest mountain can make you fulfill your purpose. Surrounding the mountain are nice hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy the best meals and drinks as you relax. It is truly one of the Best of Baden-Baden attractions that people should tour.


    3.      The Baden-Baden Casino


    This is a world class casino that has all the games that gamblers can play. It is famous due to its high tech features that enable people to play games both manually and on computerised machines. There are both standard and VIP sections in the casino which people can choose depending on what they can afford. Besides the games, the place is also known to have the best restaurants and private lounges where people can have uninterrupted fun.


    4.      Geroldsau Waterfall


    This is a roughly six-meter waterfall that is located in Geroldsau. It is a nice waterfall to watch because of the continuous falling water that is very clean and keeps splashing on the rocks. The surrounding is comprised of long trees and well-maintained gardens which supplement the fun in the area. If you would like to interact with nature to the close proximity, this place should be among the Baden-Baden attractions to tour. You will really enjoy the green compounds and upscale restaurants that are located around the place.


    Apart from the top mentioned places, there are other many attractions that you can tour in Baden-Baden. Baden Baden is really an amazing place because most of its attractions are well maintained, and they keep on being upgraded every year. Even if you are a regular tourist in this city, you will never lack a thing to do. It is important to ensure that you plan the places to visit so that you don’t get confused on which places to visit once you reach there.



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