• Top 4 Places To Visit In Central America

    Central America is the southernmost part of North America that and it links North America with South America. It is a place that enshrines a lot of attractions including beaches, volcanoes, historical monuments, museums and game parks. Central America oozes beauty and luxury because of the tremendous luxurious amenities that are confined in this land. Central America shares many language and cultural heritage with the neighbouring cities and towns. This is why Mexico is considered to be part of Central America. With many countries to visit in Central America, you need to choose destinations wisely so that you remain with the places that will fulfil your travel tours. You cannot miss things to do in Central-America because there are all sorts of recreational amenities.


    1.      Manuel Antonio National Park


    This is a marvellous park that is located at Costa Rica’s coastal line. Manual Antonio is equipped with tropical rain forests which are normally ideal for trekking and adventure. The park is also characterised by white sand beaches that people can tour and enjoy swimming, boat rides or just take a walk along the glistering white sand beaches. This is a park that people can also do camping because there are well reserved places where people can spend a night without any danger. Surrounding the park are world class restaurants and luxurious hotels where people can book a room to stay. It is an important feature of the Central America travel that continues to attract millions of visits per year.


    2.      Visit the Tikal


    These are ruins and remains of the Mayan Citadel but they appear unique and attractive especially after some refurbishments were done around the area. The place is characterised by iconic ruins of temples and buildings that existed since the 1st century. Among the structures that can be seen in this area are the giant, ceremonial Lost World Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar. It is an ancient historical site that you should visit.

    3.      Take  Tour to Lake Atitlan


    This place is located in the Guatemala’s south-western highlands and it is on top of volcano craters. The Lake is a breath-taking place with wonderful surroundings that will make your visit wholesome. At the town of Panajachel, there are a lot of shops, open air markets and local hotels where you can order the delicious native foods. The nature of the lake itself is an amusement leaving alone the beautiful villages around, wonderful hotels and attractive monuments.


    4.      Ambergris Caye


    This is Belize's largest island, and it is famous because of its wonderful white sand beaches and recreational centres. The Island contains a lot of luxurious features including beach villas and resorts where you rent and live in during your vacation in Central America. For swimming, boat ride or just exemplary beach life experience, this is the best place to be.



    To conclude, Central America has a tremendous amount of attractions and recreational facilities that people can enjoy when they tour the place. Before you consider going to South America trips, consider enjoying the treasures of this place. 

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