• Top 4 Geneva Attractions That You Should Visit

    Geneva is a charming city in Switzerland that is filled with Alps and Jura mountains. These mountains serve as viewpoints for people to clearly see the magnificent Mont Blanc which is the headquarters of United Nations and also a centre for Red Cross offices. Geneva is influenced by France therefore from language; cultural practices to religious practices, Geneva copied all the systems from France. If you are looking for things to do in the region, below are among the best Geneva attractions where you can enjoy your time throughout your vacation.


    1.      Jet d'Eau


    Have you ever seen water popping up to the sky from underground water pipes? That is what the Jet d’Eau is displaying to the public, water jetting out from the ground up to the sky. This place is known to be a famous land and it is even featured on Geneva’s tourist attraction website. It is a perfect place where people can visit to enjoy a breath-taking venue that is not only attractive but also enriching in terms of luxurious amenities.


    2.      St. Pierre Cathedral


    This is a magnificent church that belongs to the Reformed Protestant Church of Geneva. The church underwent a massive transformation as it was being adopted by John Calvin. Besides the religious significance that this marvellous place carries, it is also an excavated site where minerals were found. Walk around the compound, take photos and make sure that you attend a mass if you go on Sunday. There is a lot to do in this area especially if you are a Christian and you would like to know more about church and leadership.


    3.      Take  Tour to the Palace of Nations


    If you are still contemplating on what to do in Geneva, take a visit to the Place of Nations. This is a serene place that is the headquarters of the United Nations. In a 600m house, all with offices, you will enjoy a lot because you can learn a lot of things. Besides the fact that it is a headquarter of the United Nations, the place is also cool and silent which means you can relax on the cool grounds and enjoy fresh air. In a place where UN decided to build headquarter, it must be fun, exciting and near a lot of basic features that their employee will enjoy.


    4.      Patek Philippe Museum


    This is a specialised museum that enshrines the story and works of the two watchmaking giants called PatekPhillippe & Swiss. The name looks simple, but the elegant features contained in this museum are worth the attention of any tourist. If you would like to know the advancement of watchmaking since 15th century, this is the best museum to tour. You will enjoy seeing the best watch galleries including comparisons from other watch companies. Don’t forget your camera as you will need to take photos of the most beautiful things in the museum. This museum is significant in Geneva tourism because it keeps attracting millions of tourists from across the world.


    To conclude, Geneva is an attractive place to visit because it contains both natural and artificial treasures. You need to ensure that you have the best list of your places to visit to avoid getting confused on where to go because there are plenty of destinations in this area.



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