• Top 3 Cities In Madrid Tourism That You Want To Visit Before You Die

    Top 3 Cities In Madrid Tourism That You Want To Visit Before You Die

    If you are like others, you have probably been amazed at the manmade and natural things in tourist attractions. You may or may not make a list of places that you want to visit. But as we know, most of us will probably never see everything in the world in a single lifetime. But it is worth to do it! Let’s see the top 3 cities in Europe that are worth added to your destination list.

    Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

    Luxembourg has a lot to offer, thanks to its unique combination of the old and new characteristic. The exotic city has been the destination for many tourists for decades. You will be wowed with the perfect complication of its historical aspects, cultural elements, art and natural landscapes as well. The vibrant city is definitely what you want to visit in 2018.

    Château de Vianden

    In Vianden area, the Chateau de Vianden is definitely the castle that you need to visit. It is by far one of the largest feudal residences of the Gothic periods in the Europe. The main parts of attractions of the castle is the chapel and the palaces. It was restored in 1977, and considered as the monument of European since then.

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    The things to do in Luxembourg City won’t be complete without visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. The cathedral has distinct appealing factor because of its baroque-inspired north gate of the cathedral.

    Old Town

    The old town in Luxembourg is a wonderful place to visit with your group or family. Simply by wandering around  the old town, you can enjoy the marvelous views of the old city. Not to mention that you can take many photos from the stone bridge crossing the river. The former fortress of the old city is also a thing to consider.

    The History Museum

    There is no better way to get closer to the Luxembourg History by visiting its History Museum. The museum focuses on the history of Luxembourg as a city and small nation in the  Europe. The awesome architecture is the positive value of the museum. Not to mention the cultural programs and events held in the place for regular basis. These are definitely the Luxembourg City Attractions that you don’t want to miss.

    Bock Casemates

    Casemates du Bock or the Bock Casemates is an incredible long tunnel which stretches to 17 km beneath the former castle named Montee de Clausen. It was used for shelter for more than thirty thousand locals and soldiers during the world war I and world war II.


    Palais Grand-Ducal

    For city viewer and architecture lover, you can’t afford to miss the Palais Grand-Ducal. It is the breath-taking structure which was built in the 16th century during the Flemish renaissance. Both interior and exterior designs of the palace are so astonishing so that you won’t want to leave the building soon. 

    Porto, Portugal

    Porto is a notable city with the distinct characteristic of sea and the River Douro. It is the second largest city in the country which offers the tourists with ample amount of European beauty. Consider to spend more days here to enjoy the old town, view the architectural of the old churches, gardens, as well as tasting wine. Here are our best picks of portugal tourism in Porto.

    Clerigos Tower

    In its language, it is the Torre dos Clerigos. It is undoubtedly the most iconic feature of the Porto’s  skyline. Once you reach the tower, you will be witnessing the fantastic views of the city. The tower is the part of the Clerigos Church, which is indeed the amazing structure to visit. It emphasizes the baroque building style which was finished in the 18th  century.

    Palacio da Bolsa

    Its literal meaning is the Stock Exchange Palace. It is the monumental structure that is attractive and appealing. Although it does not have the function as fiscal building now, it is the symbol of commerce in the city.

    Serralves Museum and Gardens

    The museum is the best place to start understanding the historical values of the Porto. It is located between the downton Porto and the seafront. It is the center of the culture and nature attraction of Porto. Here You can enjoy the views of fascinating flora and fauna. If you come in first Sunday of the month, you don’t have to pay a single dime to enter. Add this to your things to do in porto list and you won’t regret it.

    Old Trams

    The restored trams have been operating for years, and ready to take you to the beautiful Porto’s hilly streets. The vintage vehicles are used to take on heritage routes, linking to downtown places and the seafront. It is a great way to enjoy the city from the different perspective. The best thing about it is that the ticket only cost 3 euro per pax. It is a perfect Sightseeing porto.

    Livraria Lello

    If one of your interests is reading books, you will be wowed by what Livraria Lello offers. It is a great bookshop which is worth seeing not only because of the architecture, but also the shop floors in which you can witness the past time of JK Rowling when she worked as English Teacher in Porto. The bookstore was inspired by JK Rowling book, Harry Potter.


    Madrid, Spain

    As the capital of Spain, it is popular because of its royal palaces, parks, museums, the city tour, as well as the stadium. Not to mention that Madrid also has the day and nightlife which makes you flexible in visiting this city. Here are the things to do in madrid.

    Plaza Mayor

    It is the most popular square in town. You can conclude the appealing of the historical and traditional value of the city. The square is the place to host endless arcades, sporting events, spires, and many more. It is the hub of cultural shows and events. Definitely one of the madrid tourist attractions worth to add.

    Museo del Prado

    It is the museum that you need to visit to know more about Spain as well as Madrid. The place is grandeur so that you can spend the whole day here browsing the extraordinary pieces made by great spanish painters.

    Parque del Buen Retiro

    If you are tagging along your family with kids, El Retiro is a great place to visit. It is known as the cool park in Madrid. It has the trails, outdoor cafes, French gardens which are very breathtaking. It is a great madrid tourism that will make good memories with you and your family.

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