• Things To Do In Western Australia

    Western Australia has many enjoyable activities. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in different pursuits. The things to do in Western-Australia include visiting breath-taking natural wonders, sightseeing, visiting wineries, theme parks, museums, outdoor adventures, galleries, spectacular natural wonders, guided tours and more.


    Tour the endless unique and adventurous locations in the Western-Australia from walking through the rainforest to sand boarding down the dunes. You can tour the Rottnest Island and have a spectacular picturesque picnic. The locals are friendly, and you can make a few friends along the way.


    Top Western Australia and Perth attractions


    Wave Rock


    From the Pinnacles Deserts in Cervantes to the Bungle Bungles in the Kimberley, the climbing wave rocks are impressive geological marvels of Western Australia. The Rock is 340km east of Perth. It is one of the most famous attractions in the region. Wave Rock was created from granite and is up to 15 meters high with a length of 110 meters. The wave rocks have been around for approximately 2.7 billion years. The most remarkable part of the natural wonder is the fact that it looks like breaking surf.


    The City of Nineteen Beaches


    One of the most remarkable things to do in Perth is visiting the city of the nineteen beaches which surround Perth's metropolitan area. Cottesloe is the most fashionable and iconic beach. It is full of restaurants and bars allowing you to have the best hangouts. The number one surfing spot is the Trigg beach located in the northern part of the city. 


    You will also have more tranquil swimming adventure at the Mettams pool. There is also a sheltered bay that is perfect enthusiasts of all ages. Other beach locations include Fremantle Port, City Beach, and Scarborough Sorrento. Do not miss the spectacular sunset view at dusk.


    Swim with the Whales


    Ningaloo Marine Park is among the top things to do in Western-Australia. It is the perfect place for passionate divers and snorkelers who experience the thrill of looking the fish congregate in the eye. The whale sharks are about 18m long and weigh approximately thirty tons. Despite their giant mouths, the whale sharks are no threat to humans. Also, have a boat and snorkel trip to the Coral Bay.


    Visit Monkey Mia to Feed the Wild Dolphins


    The wild dolphins are one of the most exclusive wildlife in Western Australia. The dolphins of Monkey Mia are on the Coral Coast of West Australia. They have been around for more the forty years. Monkey Mia is the most reliable dolphin encounter destination in the world. Interactions with the dolphins are always guaranteed under the guide and supervision of a park ranger.


    Have a Walk in the Sky


    Appreciate a good walk with a magnificent view of the valley of the Giant Tree Top. Among your list of things to do in Western Australia, a walk in Walpole is a must.  The Giant Tree Top is forty meters above the ground. The walkway on the canopy of the giant tingle forest is 600 meters long.


    Are you planning a vacation? Discover the most exquisite places to visit in Perth and Western Australia now.



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