• Things To Do In Virginia Beach

    Things To Do In Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach is the most popular place which has a lot to offer. You can see the beautiful sandy beaches, the great beach festivities, as well as a lot of beach activities that can be done with your friends and family. Not only the beach itself that you can enjoy, but also the area surrounding it.

    So, what is the Virginia Beach offering to you? Let’s see them all below.

    Virginia Beach Boardwalk

    Your trip to Virginia Beach won’t be complete without visiting the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. It is the core of the area and provides a wide array of entertainment, recreation, as well as family activities for all the locals and tourists. The boardwalk stretches 3 miles along the oceanfront, offering such incredible natural views that won’t be missed by all the visitors. Nearby the boardwalk, there are many different facilities like restaurants, shops, as well as other places to relax.

    The boardwalk also offers the bike path in which you can do some fun outdoors like rollerblading, strolling, as well as biking. If you are lucky, you can see the performing arts, concerts, as well as other interesting shows in the boardwalk.

    Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

    The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is a great place to inspire the contemporary and modern art. The museum is located nearby the Virginia beach so that you can reach it by walking. The museum offers the greatest exhibitions in dynamic arts like drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, video, and many more.

    Ocean Breeze Waterpark

    It is a water park that you want to go with your family and kids. It is a family-friendly destination with ample amount of the entertainment venues. Not to mention that this place also offers about 2 dozens of rides from a pirate ship, river adventures, and many more. Enjoy your time together with your family to try their popular rides. Also, don’t forget the try the nice restaurants and cafes which serve the mouth-watering foods, snacks, and drinks as well.

    Little Island Park


    The Little Island Park is located not far away from Virginia Beach. It is a lovely beach park which offers both locals and tourists the place to play. If you and your family are planning to do outdoor activities, it is the best place that you can visit to serve the purpose. The park is the host of the 400-foot fishing pier. Therefore, the beach is also great for families and large groups. Certain activities to do are swimming, beach combing, and fishing.

    The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

    It is located just south of the Rudee Inlet. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is the home which showcases around 12,000 animals in 700 species. The animals from the great marine environment can be the best factors to enjoy the whole day in Virginia Beach. If you are looking for something fun to do with your family and kids, this place is definitely the best one for you.

    False Cape State Park


    You can’t go wrong with the False Cape State Park to enjoy your vacation time in Virginia Beach. The state park is located between the Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most popular activities to do for the group, family, as well as individuals who want to try outdoors in Virginia Beach area.

    The state park is the sanctuary of the wild and offers marvelous attractions from sightseeing, explorations, photography to outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Not to mention that you can also do other outdoors like beachcombing, kayaking trips, trails, as well as camping with your friends or family.

    Beach Eco Tours

    Virginia Beach has the incredible tour called as Beach Eco Tours. It is about the activities to explore the waterways of the Virginia beach through the interesting tours and activities with the Beach Eco Tours. The good thing about this is that it invites you and your family to do the Stand Up Paddleboarding, one of the most popular water sports activities in the world. The company offers different kinds of the SUP which can be used by all users, regardless their level of skills and experiences. If you have never been paddling before, you could also prepare yourself by taking the private SUP lessons. Take your time to learn and get on the water when you are ready.

    Beach Eco Tours also rent the SUP boards in case you are not bringing the SUP board with you.


    Military Aviation Museum


    This museum is located at the Virginia Beach Airport. As the name suggests, the museum showcases the collections of the military fetched from the World War I and World War II aircrafts from around the world. The area is as big as four hangars. It is a cool place to visit with your family and kids. This incredible history museum will get you closer to the world war era aircraft. You will have the opportunity to witness the marvelous aircrafts from a short distance. Use this opportunity to take some photographs with your family and bring them as a memento that you ever visited the place.

    First Landing State Park

    The First Landing State Park is also located in the core of the Virginia Beach. It is also the most visited state park in the Virginia Beach. It offers the good spots for visitors with family and kids. There are recreational and educational activities that you can do with your kids in the marvelous state park. It has the diverse habitats wherein you can see the great presentations of the fauna and flora in the state park.

    Blue Seafood and Spirits


    After the whole day enjoying your time in Virginia Beach, you will want to pamper your appetites and try the best cuisines in the Virginia Beach. One of the most renowned places is Blue Seafood Spirits which is operated by the chef-owner. It serves delicious seafood menus as well as beers and wines to close your day more beautiful. Try the recommended dishes like fried shrimp and crab cakes.

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