• Things To Do In Sweden


    Sweden is a scenic country with lots of attractions. People have inhabited the country for thousands of years. From the 8th to 11th century, Vikings lived in the Scandinavian country. Owing to its culture, there are numerous things to do in Sweden. The holidays and summer is the best time to visit. Here are places that deserve a visit:


    1.      Öresund Bridge


    With the formation of the European Union, came the need to connect countries previously separated by the sea. The Oresund Bridge was a landmark project that reduced the commute between Sweden and Denmark. Oresund Bridge is about 8 kilometers, which has a manmade Island, and an underground section. Opened in 1999, it is still the longest combined rail and road bridge in Europe. Before its construction, vehicles, and passages had to use the ferry to make the journey. You can start your vacation in Sweden and end up in Copenhagen, Denmark.


    2.      Stockholm Attractions


    Sweden tourism centres on Stockholm. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you are in love, Stockholm will impress you. It is easy to get lost in the city’s art galleries, architectural buildings, and museums.  You can visit Djurgarden the country’s national park. It has canals, forests, and more.


    One you trip in Sweden, stop over at Skyview for a bird’s view of Sweden’s 14 islands. Another iconic place is the Vasa Museum that is inside a warship. The ship is something out of history. It sunk during its first voyage and was salvaged 333 years later.


    3.      Stockholm’s Old Town


    For a piece of history head over to the Gamla Stan, which is the largest and best looked after cities in Europe. In the area, you will behold exquisite sights, restaurants, cafes, and shops. The Royal Palace is in the district, where you will see hundreds of rooms decorated in Rococo style. Vasamuseet museum is another place to visit, which exhibits Sweden’s maritime history. You may also like the Swedish Parliament, Storkyrkan, Nobelmuseet Museum, and Theatre of Death.


    4.      Northern Lights


    There are different places to see the Northern lights including Norway. However, Sweden offers the best locations. Consequently, thousands of people prefer the country to behold this natural wonder. You will have to make your trip to Sweden during the winter to catch the Northern Lights.


    5.      Dog Sledding in Lapland


    The Swedish Lapland is a vast wilderness that occupies a quarter of Sweden’s land area. Only one percent of the population lives in the wilderness. You can take a dog sled tour through the silent ancient forests, riverbeds, and frozen lakes. There are different parks to go sledding such as Sarek National Park, Abisko National Park, and Jukkasjärvi.


    Other Things to Do in Sweden



    You can visit Gothenburg another City with attractions such as Feskekörka, Garden Society of Gothenburg, Botanical Garden, and Liseberg theme park. Additionally, you can tour Uppsala, which is Sweden’s fourth largest city. 

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