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    Sofia seems to be a never-aging and ever growing city that is situated right in the heart of Bulgaria. It is one that is known for a lot of attractions, breathtaking landscapes, as well as sceneries. There are a lot of places to visit in Sofia, as it is a sprawling Metro that offers nothing but the best amenities to any visitor.


    What to Do in Sofia


    Each year, thousands of visitors come to Sofia and explore what this unique city has to offer. For those who love history, wondering what to do in Sofia is not a likelihood. This city comes with a very rich history that dates way back to the 8th century BC. Since then, it has continued to grow; eventually becoming the city, it is known today.


    The city of Sofia is widely known because of its natural beauty. This is because it is located right in the Sofia Valley, and at the foot of the Vitosha Mountains. The entire city is formed surrounding a mineral spring which is also found right at the heart of the city. With its long record of history and extremely rich cultural heritage, visiting Sofia will certainly be memorable.


    Places to Visit in Sofia


    If you are in Sofia, you can drop by some of the most important places, such as the St. George Rotunda, St. Sofia Church, the cathedral of Alexander Nevski, the Russian church of St. Nocholai, Ivan Vazov National Theater, the Sofia University building and the Parliament building. Each of these features offer an interesting and highly unique blend of architectural beauty, which cannot simply be seen in other cities.


    Among the other things to do in Sofia is shopping. In fact, this city is known for its shopping destinations. Among the best places to visit in Sofia for shopping are those that are situated right on the Vitosha Boulevard. Other options also include the Graf Ignatiev Street, Rakovski Street, and Pirotska Street. For western style shopping, the Tsentralni Hall and the Tzum are the best places to go.


    Sofia is also home to different museums. In these museums, there are a lot of artifacts, art pieces, documents as well as images which depict the culture and life of this old town. You can even purchase some history-oriented stuff inside shops, such as those that are located right in front of the Alexander Nevski church. Among the things that you can purchase include Russian dolls, jewelry, reproduction icons, ceramics, embroidered and lace tablecloths.


    As a bonus, you can also expect to enjoy the famous Bulgarian wine, as well as other options on wine such as the Red Melnik, the Grozdva, the Rakiya, as well as the Silvova. After all, you can never say you have been to Sofia without a taste of their homegrown wine selections. These are the famous choices, making them available in most places within the city. As such, this highly unique city provides everything that you want as you enjoy your vacation in this amazing city.

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