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    Sibenik is a coastal city with a rich history and resilient inhabitants. The number of attractions of this Croatian city will impress and mesmerised travellers.  Croats build the town, with rocks and stones. You will encounter cobbled streets, stone arches, stone stairways, and stone buildings. So, what are the places to visit in Sibenik?


    Four Fortress


    The four fortresses are the main attractions in Sibenik. They include the Fortress of St. John, St. Nicholas, St. Michael, and Šubicevac. St. Michaels fortress built in the 11th century is the first place to visit. In 2014, it was one of the filming spots of the hits series Game of Thrones. Its strategic location at the entrance of the St. Ante Canal helped boost security in the city.


    City Museum


    The building occupied by the City Museum was once the residence of a prince. Now, it houses about 150,000 exhibits covering the history of Šibenik from the prehistoric times to the modern age. The exhibits are categorised into three sections: cultural, historical, and archaeological.


    Visit the National Park


    The National Park is about fifteen kilometres from the city centre. Thus, it is not technically in the city.  You will not find any wild animals here, but the cascades, waterfalls, woods, and Krka River are sure to impress. Despite having excellent features, the Skradinski Buk waterfall is the key attraction. After glancing and admiring its beauty, you can swim underneath the waterfall, in its natural pool. After an afternoon dip in the scorching sun, you will become addicted.




    Are you wondering what to do in Sibenik? Well, just take long walks and get lost. Šibenik is ideal for strolls in streets that are car-free. In the historical city centre, cars cannot fit in the narrow streets. You will relish the cobbled streets. During your walk, you will notice that stones have been used to build almost every building. The arches and stairways are things to see and places to snap a photo or two.


    Cathedral of St. James


    Sibenik is the only city in Europe with a cathedral constructed entirely by stone. Built-in the 15th and 16th century, St. James Cathedral, is one of the top tourist attractions in the whole city. It is special in numerous ways. For instance, it is the only cathedral in Europe with identical exteriors and interiors shapes. UNESCO recognised the uniqueness of the cathedral and declared it a World Heritage site in 2000. However, the cathedral has seen tough times. After the 1991–95 war, experts had to rebuild the damaged roof using interlocking stone slabs.




    Visit this theme park to learn all about the way of living as a Dalmatian.

    Etnoland is in a village, a few miles away from Šibenik. Here you will find a series of stone houses, with the furnishings that would have used several centuries back.


    City Hall


    City Hall is a striking building at the heart of Šibenik. The original building was constructed between 1533 and 1546 years. However, an air raid in 1943 levelled the building. After meticulous work, it looks just like the original building before the war.


    Follow this list of things to do in Sibenik for the best holidays.

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