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    Rome is the capital of Italy and famous for great artwork all over the world. It is the headquarters of the global Roman Catholic Church which is located at the St. Peter`s Basilica. Here is what to do in Rome.


    Visit the Colosseum the Ancient Roman Gladiatorial Arena


    This is an ancient structure that could hold between 4000 to 8000 spectators. The average audience that has ever been there totalled 65, 000. This Colosseum was during the time of its use associated with gladiatorial contests, and also the mock sea battles including animal hunt. Since the early medieval era, the building stopped to be used for entertainment. After they stopped holding the entertainment events there, they converted it into housing, workshops and quarters for the religious people, served as a fortress and also were used as Christian Shrine. Therefore, you’re what to do in Rome list; this Colosseum should be included since it is one of the attractions in Rome where you can learn some historical, recreational activities in Rome.


    Visit St Peters Basilica


    This has always remained the focal point for most people and one of the things on what to do in Rome calendar. It is one of the iconic buildings that have made tourism in the city to grow throughout the years since the time when it was discovered. The site where the iconic building is located came into the limelight since the famous Peter who is mentioned in the bible was martyred. The basilica represents the burial spot where Peter is believed to have been buried. Visit this historic place that is of great significance to the Christians and experience an opportunity of your lifetime.


    Taking your family with you will be a wise idea as they get to learn about the history of the iconic building. Most of the people who travel to Rome every day will spend almost the whole day visiting most of the other Vatican buildings in the city. This is because of the significance these places have in the history of Christianity. Therefore don’t be left alone, join the crowds and enjoy learning about this iconic building. You can request for a guided tour of the basilica. Note that modest dressing will be appreciated.


    Capitoline Museums


    At the Capitoline hill, you will come across this museum which is among the oldest museums around the world. The Romans like referring to it as the wedding cake and it is one of those places that you will not afford to miss. It was founded in the year 1471 and comprises of two buildings that face each other. The building houses sculptures and art galleries are also found on the second floor of the building. The exhibit that has always received many tourists is the one labelled “She Wolf” which has a very high significance to the Rome people. To be admitted to the museum you need to be there one hour before the closing time which is 7.30 PM. The opening hour is 9.30 AM.


    Those are some of the popular places to visit in Rome which has been a centre of attraction to tourist for decades. Therefore, if you are visiting Italy, taking time for the above things to do in Rome will be good for you.

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