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    Nevada is one of the most popular states in the United States. As a matter of fact, even if you just mention the name “Nevada”, you will immediately receive a reaction that will lead to the mention of Las Vegas.


    The thing is, there is so much more about Nevada than just casinos and lights. It is also referred to as the Silver State, with several tourist attractions to enjoy. Because most of the land area of this state is situated right on the Mojave Desert, most of the residents in this area are concentrated on a number of major centres.


    Things to Do in Nevada


    As this state is already famous for gambling, you will be delighted to know that there is no worry about gambling here because this said activity is considered as legal in Nevada. For this, there are a lot of gambling resorts and casinos where you can choose to enjoy and have fun with your money.


    Aside from just gambling, there are also other Nevada attraction options that you can consider. For example, if you are not interested in gambling exclusively, you have other choices on things to do. For example, if you love outdoors, there are a number of activities that will certainly please you.


    A Nevada attraction which is considered a favourite among visitors is a tour at the Hoover Dam. You may also want to enjoy activities such as rock climbing, hiking, golfing, white-water rafting, or visit lakes and other wildlife locations in the state. Just near the California border, Lake Tahoe is where you can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and sledding at wintertime. In summer, this place is where popular water sports take place.


    Other Tourist Attractions

    Other famous tourist attractions in Nevada include the Grand Canyon National Park. In fact, it is oftentimes considered as an attraction that deserves a spot in your shortlist. With its powerful landscape, you can enjoy a good hike or walk right into its skywalk, or even enjoy witnessing its waterfalls.


    The Lake Mead National Park is also a good place to visit. It offers recreation all year round, which means that you may want to reserve a campsite, and enjoy spending the night while gazing under the Mojave Desert sky. This park stretches out with over 300 square miles, thus giving you endless possibilities of activities to do.


    Nevada after Dark


    Among the many things to do in Nevada happen after dark; casinos in Las Vegas become alive at night. Walking along these casinos alone is already a good treat. If you are not interested in gambling, the discretion and professionalism displayed by the employees of the casinos is the best that you could ever find elsewhere.


    You can also enjoy some world-class entertainers performing right in Las Vegas. The tickets to most big concerts sell really fast, so you need to arrive in the location right before the actual arrival date. Regardless of whatever it is that you like, there is always something for you in this state.

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