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    Every year, Masaya attracts thousands of visitors, and it is, therefore, a recognised tourist destination. There are several Masaya attractions that people have always wanted to travel to. Some of these destinations include the following.


    Masaya Artisan Market


    This top Masaya attraction is where you will see some of the world’s best artwork done by the Masaya people. For many years, tourists have always visited Masaya to sample some of the high-quality crafts in the country. It is, therefore, one of the historic markets in Masaya that has been named as a top Masaya attraction. There are different artwork pieces for you to see that will let you learn more about the people of Masaya. The market was in 1966 torched down when a major fire broke in the building leading to loss of lots of property that was inside. Later in 1978, it was reconstructed and given the current look. Since then, there are several people who display and sell their artwork and masterpieces in there. Visit today and have a proper understanding of why this market is a top Masaya attraction to the many tourists.


    Sightseeing Tour at Coyotepe Fortress


    One thing to do in Masaya would be touring Coyotepe Fortress for sightseeing. This is an important fortress that was built in the late years of the 18th Century. It was used only for a few years until when it was taken over by the US Marines who were fighting Benjamin Zeledon. Benjamin was a resisting the rule by the US Marine, but he was conquered in 1912 when they took over the fortress. When you visit the fortress, ask for permission to climb, it is one of the top things to do in Masaya that many tourists love to be involved in. The amount you pay as entrance fee will cater for a guide (Spanish speaking) who will give you the details of the fortress and how it was used. To get to the Fortress, you can take a cab or use the Managua bound bus.


    Thursday of Verbena

    This is a festival that goes down every Thursday of the week where food and music colour your day. The festival is held at artisans market. During this event, you will have a chance to taste the local Nicaraguan food. To attend this festival, you need to be at the artisans market at 7.30 pm. The festivals will end at midnight, and therefore you will have a nice time interacting with the people of Masaya. Since tourist discovered this site, it has always remained a Masaya attraction, and many people will book to attend it. There are several musical performances by various local artist and singers. Never miss this spectacular event in your tour of Masaya since it`s very colourful and attractive. You can take several photos at the food exhibitions to remember the experience you will have at the festivals.


    The above things to do in Masaya are just a tip of the iceberg. For more experience, you can hire a local tour guide who will show you around Masaya.

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