• Things To Do In Lorraine

    Things To Do In Lorraine

    Tour Nancy Town

    This is the old capital of Lorraine. It is known for its 18th century Baroque architecture. Main square Place Stanislas contains palace and a town hall that has balconies and balustrades. Another magnificent site in this town is the Muree des Beaux Arts that has 16th to 20thcentury’s European paintings. A Gothic period Palais du Gouvernement, houses Lorraine historical museum that has collection of archeology, medieval sculpture and traditional folk crafter. Glass, furniture and jewelry are displayed on Musee de l’Ecole de Nancy. Visit this city and view all of these. More information on other great places to visit while in Lorraine. 

    Visit Port Elizabeth Library

    This building is found North West corner of the market square in Port Elizabeth. It contains beautiful gothic architecture. This port features Terra Cotta façade and marble statue of Queen Victoria. Visit this library and flip through different books and magazines.

    Relax at Pink Fig

    After a long day tour, you will need a place to relax, take a drink or a meal. Pink fig has a restaurant, tea garden and a play farm for the kids. Find things like trampoline, slides, animal rockers, and minitables among others available here. Taste delicious meals and dessert in one of the restaurants. Relax under the trees as you watch your kids play.

    Explore Bird Island Lighthouse

    This building is found in north east of Port Elizabeth. Visitors come here to watch the large number of penguins and the seals that live on the black rock reef. It has protected area for bird and marine.


    This is an old town with a Franciscan church Chapelle des Cordeliers at its centre. The chapel is now used as Musee du Pays de Sarrebourg with the work of Marc Chaggall. The museum contains ceramic collection and archeological findings from the nearby area. Go to the outskirts of the town and view World War 2 military cemetery that has 13000 graves.  

    Fleury Tours

    Tour this place, which is a real evidence of the World War 1. Many people were massacred here. The place almost has no population. This site is near the Verdun Memorial Cemetery. Signs of the cross point to the side that the houses and streets were located. You will also find a chapel here.

    Centre Pompidon Metz

    This building was designed by Shigeru Ban, a Japanese architect. It has curved roof that resembles a Chinese hat. Collections of French artists are also found here.

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