• Things To Do In Lebanon

    Lebanon, a sovereign state in west Asia, attracts tourists every year, and it is one of the top destinations in Western Asia region. You will meet different people from different backgrounds some from Asian countries and also from the western countries who work here as expatriates. Here are some of the top Lebanese attractions.


    Things to Do in Beirut


    The first thing to do in Beirut should be Beirut by Bike experience, a bike rental place that was founded to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around the city. This is a great plan for you and friends especially over the weekends as you get to enjoy biking around Beirut. There are free biking lessons for you over the weekend ideal for those who have not ridden a bike in the past. Come with your ID and $5 which will be an hour rental price. You can as well take a walk around Beirut’s streets as you get to learn a lot about the people of Beirut including their shopping style, the common foods, and the restaurants. You can sample different foods and taste the wineries in different pubs. There are several restaurants within Beirut that offer a great nightlife to the people of Beirut.


    Enjoy Jeita Grotto Tours


    Jeita Grotto is a top Lebanon attraction that is famous around the world. It is considered as one of the finalists for the 7 natural world`s wonders and therefore a place that is a centre of attraction to many visitors. You can enjoy a tour of the upper or the lower grottos, but the upper grotto has been listed as the largest stalactite in the world. This place first came into limelight in 1863 when an American tourist came across the lower grotto. However, it is believed that this place was inhabited by the locals before the discovery. If you are visiting Lebanon in winter, you will have to visit only the upper grotto if the lower grotto is flooded like has always been the case in winter.


    Visit Tyre a Sacred Destination in Lebanon


    For the Christians, this is a popular destination that was home to Christian community during the time of biblical Paul. Since the 12th century, it was named as a major stronghold of the crusaders, and today it is a popular Lebanon attraction. Tyre is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and was given the status in 1984. In the Christian Bible, this is the place that was attacked by Egyptians and the Babylonians and was later governed by the Persians. Therefore, it is a must visit place that has a very strong meaning to the Christians.


    The Silk Museum in Lebanon


    This museum was created by a couple initially as a primary residence, but due to the Lebanon war, they could not move into the house. Today, it is one of the best of Lebanon attractions you must visit. It is an important reference of ecological, cultural, and economic history where you will learn a lot.


    Lebanon is indeed a must go to destination especially for the Christians. Better still, it is a top destination for thousands of visitors worthy your time.



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