• Things To Do In Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is a stunning and sparkly city also known as the City of Angels. It is a place of endless wonders and a successful invention despite the hostility of natural elements.


    You will have many things to do in Las Vegas ranging from touring the astounding landmarks, wide boulevards and most definitely the Casinos. The city houses many art galleries and contemporary art shops. The city is recognised as the entertainment capital of the planet.  You can have an adventure of your life, but remember whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.


    Places to Visit in Las Vegas


    Caesars Palace


    Caesars Palace is a unique hotel located in Las Vegas, Nevada between Bellagio and Mirage. The hotel opened in 1966 since Jay Sarno wanted people to have a feel and taste of Roman. The exterior and front of the building have statues and columns that represent the theme. The most stunning part is the twenty feet Julius Caesar statue near the entrance.


    Caesars Palace has a variety of restaurants that cater to everyone from around the world. The hotel also has a Colosseum for performances at the main venue, which was initially constructed for the Celine Dion show. There are abundant places to visit in Las Vegas Caesars Palace that can last you for a lifetime. Moreover, the casino offers different games such as blackjack, Spanish and more. The pools at the hotel are incredible and all inspired by the Roman baths, which include a temple, Apollo, Neptune, and Venus pool. 


    Mob Museum


    Relive the days when the mob governed Las Vegas and the entire United States at the Mob Museum. The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas gives you an opportunity to understand more about the organised crime and the mob in the country. Experience the transformation of organised crimes through interactive activities and exhibits. Explore more about casino skimmers, G-men, speakeasies, and present-day mob activities.


    Helicopter over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon


    Grand Canyon is the best natural Las Vegas attractions. The Grand Canyon is among the most popular natural attractions in America. Start with a breath-taking aerial view over the city to the Grand Canyon. Enjoy the Grand Canyon trip on a helicopter ride. You will find various companies that provide helicopter tours. It is the perfect opportunity for a visitor who has a limited time to tour Las Vegas and its surrounding landscape. 


    Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower


    Paris hotel is on the strip of Las Vegas.  It is one of the most recognised resort because of the Eiffel Tower replica, which is up to 541 feet high. It is also a magnificent a recreation of the Paris Opera House. The place includes the La Fontaine des Mers, Montgolfier balloon, and the Arc de Triomphe replicas. The Eiffel Tower houses an upper fine dining restaurant with an exquisite view of the Strip. Here you will have a taste of Paris.


    Overall, the major Las Vegas tourist attractions include hotels and casinos. Are you a gambling enthusiast? It is time to pack your bags and head to the entertainment city of your dreams.



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