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    Korcula is a small island that is located in Croatia. For such a small island, it is packed with a lot of things. If you are wondering what to do in Korcula, you will be delighted to know that the island is filled with beaches, vineyards, as well as the most beautiful and pristine blue water that you could ever see. There are a lot of places to visit and Korcula, giving you the assurance that you will never get bored during your visit in this paradise.


    Things to Do in Korcula


    There are a number of ways to reach the island of Korcula. One of them is by traveling by bus and then followed by a 15-minute ferry going to the island. Make sure that you are ready for some adventure because the waves can get tough, and you might find yourself throwing up because of seasickness. After a seemingly challenging ride, the paradise of Korcula will greet you the moment you set food on its harbor. If the weather is just fine during your ferry ride, you can simply enjoy the views along the way.


    Another option on places to visit in Korcula is just outside the city center. Regardless of the time of the day you visit this place, walking into the islands Old Town center will give you a picturesque view. You will easily find yourself admiring the entire perspective of the town, the walls surrounding it, inviting you to walk inside with full confidence of security.


    In order to enjoy the scenery in Korcula, it is also recommended to book an accommodation where the view is nice. In this way, you will not just enjoy praising the area when you are outside, but also when you are just inside your hotel accommodation. It does not mean the need to spend a lot just to get one, as there are some options, just a few minutes away from the town center.


    Other things to do in Korcula include visiting the old stomping grounds of Marco Polo. This island boasts the fact that the famous Marco Polo came from this island, despite the fact that there were no evidences that support this claim. Regardless of its actual basis, you can find a number of Marco Polo inspired stores that are located throughout the town. You can even enjoy a tour of the alleged childhood home of Marco Polo.


    Still wondering what to do in Korcula? Why not do some freestyle traveling, wandering aimlessly in the small city center. Every street in this island is charming, with its most precious possession – their people, greeting each other like family. The buildings are filled with character. The best part? It is quite impossible for you to get lost in this small town.


    There are a number of bars where you can enjoy the best views of the sunset. End your day at one of these bars, grab a few drinks and enjoy the experience!

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