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    This is the largest Ski resort in the whole of Middle East. It is an hour drive from Beirut, and it is also known as the Ouyoune el Simane.  Kfardebian Attraction is outstanding due to its desert sections and snow sections where people can do different kinds of activities including skiing and desert adventures. The resort is well maintained, and even the activities done in this region are well conducted to ensure that safety and enjoyment are availed to all tourists.  In a place where mountains and valleys are normal, trekking will be a wonderful thing to do.


    Visit the MzaarKfardebian


    This is a snow-covered resort that is mountainous. It is best for skiing purposes where people go to enjoy skiing on the Snow-covered Mountains. Skiing needs to be done by well-experienced people so if you don’t have any skiing experience; you can get the best teachings in this region. It is a large area, and you will not only feel happy because of being in the sky, but you will also feel nice because you will be skiing along a group. It will be like some sort of group activity which will make the whole experience a remarkable one. 


    Faqra Temple


    This is an important landmark and among the top Kfardebian Attractions that people should always visit. If you love seeing old architectural designs, this is the best place to be. Most of the remaining temple structures are ruins, but the nature of the surrounding is unique. Very quiet and cool making you to enjoy fresh air as you witness the ancient temple structures. It is real an amazing place to be especially when you have time to spend at least six hours.


    Jisr el Hajar - Kfardebian Natural Bridge


    This is a natural occurring stone bridge that was not constructed by human beings. It passes across a huge valley with a seasonal river that sometimes has running water and sometimes it is dry. The bridge acts like a view point where tourists can stand and see miles of the desert land. The bridge is firm enough to accommodate tons of weight so it is safe to stand on. Surrounding it are green and cool compounds where you can take a walk as you enjoy the magnificent view of the place. You will enjoy a lot when in this place, just carry the appropriate things for your adventure to avoid mishaps in your travel.


    Being a desert, there are no much investments in this place, therefore, most of the attractions in this place are natural occurring. There are therefore little things to do in Kfardebian so you can plan a day and tour all the attractive spots. The most wonderful thing with this region is that one destination can have more than twenty activities to do therefore a single attraction can make you spend the whole day in it. For easy moving in the desert and snow, make sure that you get a bike or a vehicle so that you don’t get tired easily.

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