• Things To Do In Italy

    Visiting Italy is a dream for many. The top cities to visit include Florence, Venice, and Rome. People visit Italy for many reasons. Some come for the high fashion. Others visit Italy for the food and drink. When you think of travelling, here are some of the places you might love.


    1.      Leaning Tower of Pisa


    The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the place to take photos. It is a campanile known for its unintended tilt. You will find the tower behind the Pisa Cathedral. The tower was about to collapse. Thanks to substantial restoration work, experts predict that the tower will stand for the next 200 years.


    2.      Palio di Siena (Horse Race)


    The horse race takes place twice each year in Siena. Ten horses and their riders from 17 districts undertake a three-lap race in a course built within the Siena’s central square, Piazza del Campo. The ten riders wear the colours of the regions they are representing.


    3.      The Sunken City of Baia


    It is a unique attraction and one of the most exciting things to do in Italy. The city was once a prominent resort city located on volcanic vents. That meant hot springs were always in supply. In the 8th century, misfortune hit the town. People abandoned the city and the water rose to cover up the city’s remains. Now visitors can dive to the marvel at the ruins or view the city from the glass-bottomed boats.


    4.      Castel Sant Angelo (Rome)


    When you visit Rome, start touring from the Castel Sant Angelo. Its rich history will enchant you for hours. The castle has served many roles over the years. It was once a prison, mausoleum, fortes, and castle for popes.


    5.      Colosseum


    When you italy vacations, stop over at the Colosseum. It is still the largest amphitheatre in the world built for the amusement of the Roman emperors. They would come to see bloody gladiator battles. Sometimes the gladiators could fight fierce animals like lions to the amusement of the crowd.


    6.      Pompeii


    Pompeii was one of the thriving Roman cities until the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Subsequently, ash and pumice covered the city making it inhospitable. Now, Pompeii is one of the most well-preserved ruins.


    7.      Capri


    If you are tired of the touring the cities, head over to Capri, which is the most glamorous island in Italy. The Island has many flowers and you are just next to the Mediterranean.


    8.      MuseoEgizio


    MuseoEgizio is a museum specialised in Egyptian anthropology situated in Turin. You will not believe the popularity of the attraction. In addition, it has been open since 1824.


    9.      Prato Della Valle, Padua


    It is the most extensive town square in Italy. In fact, it has a green Island at the centre. If you need a relaxing stroll, you will take one at the loveliest open-air market amid an abundant green space.


    10.  Trastevere, Rome


    Trastevere is a historic medieval Roman neighbourhood, which has grown into a chief food destination. The district also hosts a variety of restaurants, nightlife joints, and historical attractions. Thus, head over to Trastevere for the best meal in town.


    Italy has some of the best tourist attractions in Europe. Your visit is going to be fantastic.



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