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    Delphi is a Greek town renowned for its numerous archaeological sites. For art connoisseurs and historical bluffs, it is a necessary visit. In fact, most tour companies will advise you to visit Delphi. Greece inhabitants regarded Delphi as the centre of the earth. Of course, this was back in the ancient world.


    One of the most illustrious attraction is the Oracle. Visitors would journey to Delphi to seek advice from the oracle, who was a priestess. First, guests had to purify their souls in the Castilian Spring. If are wondering what to do in Delphi, prepare to learn all about the history of the town.


    Things to do in Delphi


    Temple of Apollo


    The temple is on the Ancient site, built to honour Apollo the god of music and light. In its glory days, a holy spring at the site, but subsequently vanished. The views from the temple are glorious owing to its location at the side of the mountain. The priestess of Delphi was called Pythia, as she would decide on political and personal issues.


    Delphi Archaeological Museum


    It is one of the most important museums in Greece. The artefacts came from archaeological excavations at the Delphi Ancient Site Village and its vicinity. You can first visit the museum and head to the archaeological site next to the museum. The most famous exhibits include the two identical Kouros Statues, Charioteer, and the Sphinx.


    Ancient Theatre


    The theatre is on the same hill as the Temple of Apollo. From the theatre, you can see the whole sanctuary. With 35 rows of stone seats, it could accommodate about 5000 people. You can catch ancient plays and cultural events in the summer.


    Ancient Stadium


    The Ancient Stadium seats above the Temple of Apollo and the Ancient Theatre of Delphi. Lush trees surround the stadium. It could accommodate about 6,500 spectators, with track 177.55 m long and 25.5 m wide. The stadium would host the Pythian Games and other Oracle events.


    Athena Pronea Sanctuary


    The sanctuary is east of the Temple of Apollo. People would stop over here to offer a sacrifice to Athena Pronea, before journeying to the temple. In its glorious days, the sanctuary consisted of two treasuries, various altars, and temples.


    What to Do in Delphi: Other Attractions


    Hiking along the ancient paths once used by the pilgrims is a fun activity to in Delphi. The trails have varying degrees of difficulty and are accessible all year round.


     Castalian Spring


    The spring played an essential role in the activities of the Oracle. Visitors would first cleanse their souls and head to the temple about 500 meters away. Regular visitors would wash their hair, but murderers had to cleanse the whole body. Initially, the spring had seven jets within the heads of the lions. Hiking up the Castilian spring may be challenging, but the sight is beautiful.


    Other places to visit in Delphi include Stoa of Athenians, Treasury of the Athenians, and Museum of Delphic Festivals.

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