• Things To Do In Deauville

    Things To Do In Deauville

    Stroll Down les Planches

    This waterfront promenade consists of painted wooden huts. Stroll on the sunny promenade makes you feel that there is a reason to enjoy yourself in Deauville. Take a walk early in the morning or late in the evening to see and enjoy the sunset. Make a board walk and check the paintings on these boards.  

    Visit Trouville

    If you are visiting Deauville, make sure that you have visited its neighborhood Trouville. Have a stroll on promenade and take a delicious meal at Trouville. Here you will find beautiful French mansions, beaches and boardwalk.

    Visit Bayeux Tapestry Museum

    Tapestry is 70 meters long and hundreds of years old. It was made in United Kingdombuhoused in Bayeux tapestry museum. Take an hour drive to get to this museum and view this beautiful tapestry for yourself. Audio clips will be provided by the tour guides that explains its history. 5 d day landing beach is few minutes’ drive from this museum.

    Go for a Film Festival

    Deauville is not left behind by Cannes, the renowned film producers. Film festivals have been here since 1975. The town gets people traffic during this period. Book flight, ticket or an accommodation in advance to avoid being in convenienced by the large number of people here.

    Visit Amirante Golf, Dauville

    For you to visit a place, you need to research well.  This Amirante golf will offer you services worth coming back. It offers emergency services, ATMs and back services around, parking lots around and gas stations around, and also the cafes and hotels nearby. Amirante golf offers great accommodation and tours.

    Visit Deauville Beach and Sea front

    Apart from the impressive architecture here there is also this beautiful sand beach you can enjoy yourself in. It has been beautified with posh umbrellas and smart huts. Get sea food from the restaurants in the beach. The number of Casinos  offers the best lifestyle ever and that is where most of the festivals take place.



    Do Horse Riding

    This is a town mostly known for horse riding. Horse riding is all year round but it is at its climax in august when finest horses and jockeys in the world come together. You want to know more about this activity in Deauville.

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