• Things To Do In Canada

    Canada tourism has much variety in a country of natural beauty. You will find the best things to do in Canada in its lakes, forests, hills, mountains, islands, cities, and shores. All provinces have a lot to offer. The people are fantastic, polite, and welcoming. Here is a list to aid your exploration. It is a taste of what the country can offer.


    1.      Niagara Falls Canada


    If you have seen the falls on the American side, the falls on the Canadian side are much more superior. Visiting the falls is among the best things to do in Toronto Canada. While in the region, grab a quick meal at Skylon as you take in panoramic views of the falls.


    2.      Banff National Park – Alberta


    Banff is a lush landscape with thermal springs all over the park. The Banff National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can hike canoe, and ski.


    3.      Tour  Toronto’s CN Tower


    Toronto is one of the most multicultural international cities in the world. The city plays a huge role in Canada's tourism. You will find art, cuisines, entertainment, and fashion in Toronto. One attraction that stands out is the CN Tower. At the tower, you can stand on the edge while suspended and view the city. 


    4.      The Bay of Fundy


    At the Bay of Fundy, you will find the world’s highest tides. They can reach up to 54 feet. During the day, the water resides, and you can walk on the ocean floor.


    5.      Treetop Trekking


    If you need things to do in Toronto, visit Treetop Trekking at the Heart Lake Conservation Area. At the park, you will find 65 aerial games, 6 courses, and 7 zip lines.


    6.      Lake Ontario Fishing


    Every year, Canadian waters of Lake Ontario hosts one of the largest fishing derbies. The event draws thousands of visitors, and there are about 70 prices winners each year. During the year, you can visit Lake Ontario for salmon fishing and tour the lighthouses.


    7.      Royal Ontario Museum


    It is among the most visited natural history museums in the world.  You will find dinosaur skeletons, meteorites, and fossils in the Museum. If you are looking for things to do in Toronto that cater for the whole family, the Royal Ontario Museum will enlighten the kids and the adults.


    8.      Ripley's Aquarium of Canada (Toronto)


    Ripley’s Aquarium is a modern aquarium and one of the most frequented places by tourists. The centre is open daily from 9 am -11 pm, and there are special events lined up for the year such as Jazz nights.


    9.      Fernie – British Columbia


    If you are planning a winter vacation, come to Fernie in British Columbia. It is the perfect destination for snowmobiler and skiers. The beauty and natural environment are sure to delight you.


    10.  High Park


    During your visit to Toronto, also check out High Park. It is the place for ultimate relaxation with a zoo, children playgrounds, and large sports fields.


    There are numerous things to do in Canada, travel and see for yourself.




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